Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Winchester Bay OR

Dean's crab(Jan)  Here we are at Winchester Bay! Crabbing at Winchester Bay was one of the things we heard about last year when we joined the Roving Rods that we wanted to try.  WB is a beautiful bay and small fishing village near Reedsport, OR and we’re parked at Salmon Harbor.  The crabbing this year has been slower than many years but the group has been catching a good amount of Dungeness crabs in their traps.  Some are taking the traps out into the bay with boats and others are crabbing off of the docks. 

As a group, we get together each day at 4 for Happy Hour or at 5 for a Potluck. There have been many crab dishes and each is a feast!

Chuck with his crab pot Chuck getting ready to throw his crab pot off of the dock. crabs in the crab pot
The crab pot full of crabs but unfortunately this batch was too small to keep.

The weather has been quite fickle; warm sunshine in the mornings giving way to wind in the afternoons to start, followed by a day of heavy rain but yesterday and today it was gorgeous! Some of us walk for 2 miles in the morning followed by 2 hours of cleaning and picking crab meat out of the shells so we can use it for those delicious crab dishes. 

As a group we’ve gone to the local Eagles club twice for dinner; Saturday for chicken fried steak and last night for Tacos. Monday the girls went for lunch at a local Thai restaurant.  All very good.

When we were in Washington at South Beach, we bought salmon from the Queets Indians, freshly caught that morning.  Here at WB, we bought Albacore Tuna from the Irish Miss, docked at the pier next to us.  Tonight we grilled tuna marinated in Teriyaki sauce and it was very good!

sp;ar [ame;sThis is the view from the top of our rig looking into the harbor. 008
Happy Hour with 70+ Roving Rods.
001 002
Here’s the albacore tuna we bought from the captain of the Irish Miss.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Washington/Oregon Coast

It’s been a wonderful time on the Pacific ocean coast with our friends Dean and Judy.  Lots of time to walk on the beach, visit Olympic National Park and a museum or two along the way.  Here’s an assortment of photos taken during our adventures.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tillamook, Oregon

(Chuck) We have moved on down the coast to Tillamook, Oregon and are staying at the Blimp Base RV Park BD (N 45.41808 W123.81992)25’. It is a good stopover on the way to Winchester Bay. The cost is $5.00 per day and a it is a good area in which to spend a few days.

Monday, September 14, 2009

South Beach, Olympic National Park, WA

(Chuck) We are currently at South Beach in Olympic National Park, Washington. It is a wonderful area by the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately we do not have cell access so we have to go into town to post to the blog and check our cell phone messages. However, being without cell service is not a problem here as we simply don’t have time to answer a phone anyway. Happy Trails!

14September09 049

Olympic Peninsula

DSC03731 (Jan) Laurie, a Boomer friend of ours, recommended having Clam Chowder at Fins for lunch in Port Townsend and we’re so glad we got her e-mail just before we left for town. The Chowder was a culinary delight; freshly steamed clams, in the shell, in a sinfully rich cream and leek broth. We will never look at clam chowder in quite the same way!

September 2009-Olympic NP 001

We visited both Hurricane Ridge and the Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park this past week. The Ridge was a wonderful mountain drive with a picturesque stop for a picnic and a drive up to the Visitor’s center where we could see Mount Olympus in the distance. A hike also took us to the crest of the ridge where we could see across Puget Sound to Vicotoria, Canada.


Hoh Rain Forest, on the western side of the park, receives an annual rainfall of 142 inches and is home to some immense Douglas Firs, Sitka Spruce and Hemlock tree. Many of the trees are 450-550 years old. 12 –13 feet in diameter and over 270 feet tall. The ‘Hall of Mosses’ trail took us through the old growth part of the forest. An interesting feature was the 200-300 years old trees that had grown up out of a downed tree and then continued to grow with their roots reaching down around it as the ‘nurse’ tree rotted away.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


(Jan) Just wanted to take a minute to wish our Grandaughter Madeleine a Very Happy First Birthday. Madeleine Marie is a daughter of our son Brent and wife Donna and is home celebrating with her brothers and sisters, Stephen, Katie, Michael, Anne and Libby. Her dad and mom just sent some pictures and I love her smile on this one. She sure is pretty in pink!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chimacum, WA

(Jan) Evergreen CoHo SKP Park in Chimacum, WA is a beautiful, green, blooming place with wide paved streets and friendly fellow Escapee members. Best of all, our friends Dean and Judy, arrived here Tuesday afternoon within minutes of our arrival. It's been fun catching up, walking and touring Port Townsend. Today we're off to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park. We will add more details and photos soon.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Leaving Seattle Metro

023(Jan) It has been an amazing three weeks here in Seattle area. Thanks to Chuck’s sister Jackie and brother-in-law Butch we had a wonderful place to leave our trailer as we spent time with son Josh, 017wife Sarah and our two little grandchildren Alison and Isaac. They have also been our home away from home at the beginning and end of our stay. As always, we enjoyed much laughter, good food and conversation.

When Josh and Sarah returned from their trip, we got to enjoy several relaxing002 days visiting and getting to hear about their marvelous adventures in Greece and Israel; truly a trip of a lifetime and one many of us would love to take. On Thursday evening we had a special dinner to celebrate their 8th Anniversary. The kids were excited about getting cake and ice cream after dinner. What a fun time with family! Sat. evening was special also, as Josh and Sarah treated us to a delicious Thai dinner in Redmond. It was sad saying good-bye but we’re so grateful to have had the time with them and with Ali and Isaac.

Today we will leave the Seattle Metro area for the Olympic Peninsula. We’re headed to Chimacum to Evergreen SKP Park, where we will meet friends Dean and Judy Sheeley.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ali and Isaac

014It’s a wonderful experience getting to be with these two precious little ones while mom and dad are touring. They’re good kids; fun and loving. They miss their mommy and daddy but think that gramma and grampa are pretty neat, too. It’s been a real change of pace for grampa and I but, also, a surprise at how fast ‘parenting’ comes back…..the loving, caring for, feeding, fixing scraped knees, changing diapers and disciplining. 015Isaac just turned 2 and Ali will be 4 in October.

033 We’ve taken two big ‘trips’ with the kids. We went to see the Ballard locks and fish ladder last week and yesterday we went to the zoo. It was fun seeing all of the animals through the kids’ eyes! We took the stroller and lasted a full 3.5 hours seeing everything from Ali’s favorite, a komodo dragon, to leopards to lions and bears to Isaac’s favorite, the monkeys. Ali, Isaac and I got to enjoy a ride on the wonderful, historic carousel just inside the north gate as we arrived in the morning. Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo is a very nice place and will be a fun memory for us.

027Tomorrow life will change one more time for all of us. Mom and dad arrive back on the scene and the kids are sure excited! Just ‘one more sleep’ before we go to the airport to pick mom and dad up. Josh and Sarah have called us most mornings, which is evening before dinner for them. They’ve had a wonderful trip touring many historic biblical sites in Israel and Greece.

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