Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ali and Isaac

014It’s a wonderful experience getting to be with these two precious little ones while mom and dad are touring. They’re good kids; fun and loving. They miss their mommy and daddy but think that gramma and grampa are pretty neat, too. It’s been a real change of pace for grampa and I but, also, a surprise at how fast ‘parenting’ comes back…..the loving, caring for, feeding, fixing scraped knees, changing diapers and disciplining. 015Isaac just turned 2 and Ali will be 4 in October.

033 We’ve taken two big ‘trips’ with the kids. We went to see the Ballard locks and fish ladder last week and yesterday we went to the zoo. It was fun seeing all of the animals through the kids’ eyes! We took the stroller and lasted a full 3.5 hours seeing everything from Ali’s favorite, a komodo dragon, to leopards to lions and bears to Isaac’s favorite, the monkeys. Ali, Isaac and I got to enjoy a ride on the wonderful, historic carousel just inside the north gate as we arrived in the morning. Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo is a very nice place and will be a fun memory for us.

027Tomorrow life will change one more time for all of us. Mom and dad arrive back on the scene and the kids are sure excited! Just ‘one more sleep’ before we go to the airport to pick mom and dad up. Josh and Sarah have called us most mornings, which is evening before dinner for them. They’ve had a wonderful trip touring many historic biblical sites in Israel and Greece.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Oh, you two are braver than I am! I'm afraid I'd forget I was babysitting and go off and leave them somewhere! Bobbie

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