Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Winchester Bay OR

Dean's crab(Jan)  Here we are at Winchester Bay! Crabbing at Winchester Bay was one of the things we heard about last year when we joined the Roving Rods that we wanted to try.  WB is a beautiful bay and small fishing village near Reedsport, OR and we’re parked at Salmon Harbor.  The crabbing this year has been slower than many years but the group has been catching a good amount of Dungeness crabs in their traps.  Some are taking the traps out into the bay with boats and others are crabbing off of the docks. 

As a group, we get together each day at 4 for Happy Hour or at 5 for a Potluck. There have been many crab dishes and each is a feast!

Chuck with his crab pot Chuck getting ready to throw his crab pot off of the dock. crabs in the crab pot
The crab pot full of crabs but unfortunately this batch was too small to keep.

The weather has been quite fickle; warm sunshine in the mornings giving way to wind in the afternoons to start, followed by a day of heavy rain but yesterday and today it was gorgeous! Some of us walk for 2 miles in the morning followed by 2 hours of cleaning and picking crab meat out of the shells so we can use it for those delicious crab dishes. 

As a group we’ve gone to the local Eagles club twice for dinner; Saturday for chicken fried steak and last night for Tacos. Monday the girls went for lunch at a local Thai restaurant.  All very good.

When we were in Washington at South Beach, we bought salmon from the Queets Indians, freshly caught that morning.  Here at WB, we bought Albacore Tuna from the Irish Miss, docked at the pier next to us.  Tonight we grilled tuna marinated in Teriyaki sauce and it was very good!

sp;ar [ame;sThis is the view from the top of our rig looking into the harbor. 008
Happy Hour with 70+ Roving Rods.
001 002
Here’s the albacore tuna we bought from the captain of the Irish Miss.

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