Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Coastal Redwoods

5 October09 069 (Chuck) Our last few days have been spent on the Northern California coast. We have had the privilege to explore the area known as Redwood National and State Parks. Coast Redwoods grow in a narrow band of forest along the Pacific coast of Southern Oregon and California. Highway 101 travels through many of the groves of trees and in places the trees grow on the edge of the roadbed. The Coast Redwood is known as the worlds tallest living tree and can grow to heights of 360 feet and live for 2000 years.

5 October09 057They are truly monarchs of the forest. It has been a truly awe inspiring experience to walk in these groves of trees. The forest is so dense with immense trees that it seems all sound is deadened and a person truly experiences the living forest. Photos simply do not seem to reveal the size of these trees. It has been one more visit to another of Gods creations. We are so very fortunate to be able to experience these things on our journey through life.

5 October09 064Jan and I with several of the huge Coast Redwoods. 5 October09 059
5 October09 073Our pickup is dwarfed by the size of the trees.6October09 009

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Eric said...

the redwoods are truly amazing. great pictues.

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