Monday, November 16, 2009

53rd Street in the Foothills

004(Jan) Chuck and I have moved back down to The Foothills just east of Yuma.  009For the last several winters we have rented a lot occasionally on 53rd Street so when we drove in this year, it seemed a like coming home.  We’re just a mile or two from Joanne’s, Chuck’s mom, and close to a whole lot of Boomers who call Yuma their home in the winter.  We spent the morning looking for a new Dish/DVR receiver and package as our receiver died.  Also, stopped by to visit with Gary and Nancy when we were in their neighborhood. There’s a Colorado River Hot Air Balloon event this week-end and then next week it’s on to Mittry Lake, north of Yuma, for the Boomer TurkeyRang on Thanksgiving Day. 


jcw3rd said...

Do you have GPS coordinates? I'd like to locate you on a map so I can see how close we are to you. We're at KOFA Ko-op.

-- jc&bev

Chuck and Jan Moore said...
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jcw3rd said...

Bev and I just paid a visit to Best Buy and I noticed our current Direct TV DVR on the shelf there. If I were to loose my DVR, I'd just buy one from Best Buy and transfer the smart card over to the new unit. I doubt I'd even have to call them to notify them of the change, but even if I did, it probably wouldn't be a big deal. Just a serial number update for their records, probably.

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