Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Steps

(Chuck)  When Jan went to Iowa to visit her parents, I had planned to settle at Craggy Wash and do some genealogy which I have neglected for quite a while. I moved to the Wash and pulled out old pages of notes and photocopies we had made at libraries and proceeded to work on the database. Soon I was looking over a few internet sites and I found the access was very sloooooooow. After two days I needed better access and I moved about fifteen miles South to an area Boomers call The Steps. Verizon access is booming here and it is very quiet. I am on the first terrace on the right which is up the road a bit from where we have been before. If you use Google Earth, put the coordinates N 34.33651 W114.13657 in the window and you will look at the rock which is beside our rig. I think I am the only person in the whole area at this time. There are many acres of available places to boondock, the scenery is not as good as Craggy Wash, but I think I like it here better.

Genealogy is something that gets into your blood and it may become a lifelong passion. You may find that your ancestors were farmers, explorers, politicians, statesmen, ministers, and soldiers. And you may find a few problems along the way too! I think the thing that I like the most is the hunt. Libraries, books, microfilm, fiche, newspapers, court house records, cemeteries,  and the internet will guide you on this never ending quest. The internet has been a boom to genealogy. It has given many people easier access to the “genealogy bug” and that is a good thing. It has also provided some of is with the opportunity to share flawed data, false assumptions, and corrupted databases. This is usually the result of someone trying to “do it all” too fast. Use other peoples work as a guideline, but strive for primary sources and always document what you have.

Whole blogs are dedicated to genealogy and I will not bore you with too much of the topic here, but I will invite any discussion when we meet up in person. The RV lifestyle has allowed us to visit cemeteries and courthouses in all parts of the country. We recently spent a week in Amador County, California. One of my ancestors brothers was a very successful participant in the gold rush of 1849. It has provided us with a unique look into the history of the gold rush.

Here are a few internet sites you may find useful. There are many others. Dedicated to free genealogy.  Still a good site despite Ancestry.  A great event driven program. People may not see you for weeks if you go here.

I just counted about fifty bookmark links under our genealogy folder. All the usual rules apply to the internet. Just because somebody sent you something or you found it on the net, doesn’t make it true.  Mr. Rogers Was a Marine Sniper / Navy Seal may seem real to some, but there is a line on our social card that says “Don’t believe everything you think.”

Happy Trails

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Nancy said...

Very well said, Chuck. We will share genealogy blog bookmarks one of these days. Hope Jan is back safely by now. Enjoy your gen- mining!

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