Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving at Mittry

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(Jan)Take one part sunshine, 20 good friends, 72 degree weather and add lots of good food and you have the 2009 Boomer Turkeyrang at Lake Mittry. Here is the photo of us taken by Jenny Sheppard after our huge, delicious turkey dinner while we were still able to move! From the front: Jenny, Sue and Ken Pace, Bruce Richmond, Steve Richey, Ron and Bernita Poutney; second row:Kathy Webster, Patsy Cook, Pam Richey, me, Joy Melton; third row: Loren Webster, Art and Connie Carno-Sauerstrom, Dee Richmond, Chuck, Dan Sheppard, Bea and Ken Marler. We had Mugs and Hugs at 8:00 followed by a day of good fellowship and awesome food ending with a fire in the evening. As the sky darkened we had several minutes to view the Space Shuttle and International Space Station as it moved through the sky on a northwest trajectory. An awesome ending to a fun day was enjoyed by all.

We moved here, Lake Mittry, on Tuesday from the Foothills where we enjoyed having Art and Connie on the lot with us for a week or so.  Several evenings we grilled our evening mealsDSC04507[2] together and got to enjoy eating outside under the stars. Good friends; great times. We also invited several Boomers to come and join us for Happy Hour on the 18th. We had heard that the Fisher-Bakers and Meads were in town and wanted to have them over and then decided to invite a few more friends. The great thing about having a Boomer gathering is that you call, they bring chairs, drinks and food to share.  Instant party! Here is the group; Dan, Nancy & Gary, Jim, Connie & Art, Ron & Sharon, Diane, me & Chuck, Bea and Jenny. Thanks to Ken Marler for taking the photo. We also got our new Dish DVR set up while we were ‘townies’ and have enjoyed watching a little television again. Other activities were visiting with Joanne, going to Algodones, Mexico, walking around the neighborhood mornings and evenings and a trip to the Arizona Marketplace for me.


Jim and Bobbie said...

I understand our friend, Marty Cassidy, is also there at Lake Mittry. Marty spent time with us at Big Meadows 2 years ago...nice guy. Can't wait to see Lake Mittry for myself this winter.

Anonymous said...

Our family and friends have had a wide variety of Thanksgiving experiences and all were good ones.
sounds like yours was no exception.
Love, Linda

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