Monday, December 28, 2009

Building Floats in Pasadena

28December09 175(Chuck) We are at the heart of the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California. It seems fitting that my bride of 41 years should be surrounded by roses on our wedding anniversary. We have spent the last two days volunteering as float builders for the Phoenix Decorating Company.


28December09 040 In our warehouse there are nine floats being built. All the mechanical and basic foam work has been done previously by the company. This stage of the building is the finish work and application of the flowers. It is a big job and we are happy to be a part of it. The float with the Eagle of the right is from the city of Glendale and it is one of the floats we have worked on.

28December09 106a Ron and Bernita Poutney are with us on this adventure. They are good traveling companions and we have all enjoyed the float building experience.28December09 113




Fellow Boomer Gretchen Mattison gave us the opening to this gig. She has worked for Phoenix Decorating for the past several years. Click on the Phoenix link and you can see some of the 2010 floats that are in our building.

28December09 088 (Jan) We have spent the day surrounded by flowers, thousands and thousands of them of every color and every type. Chuck and Ron have been working with Gretchen getting the ‘maches’ ready with oasis foam and chicken wire to hold the elaborate bouquets that will be on the floats.  They were working on the City of Glendale, McDonald’s and Lion’s Club floats.  Bernita and I worked with 800 roses today getting them stripped of thorns and lower leaves and then wiring the stems for those same three floats. Check out the photo album below to view some of the gorgeous flowers that have surrounded us!


Jim and Bobbie said...

Lovely, lovely post today. Great volunteer job you two have. Do you get to see the parade in a special place in exchange for your work? Bobbie

Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Bobbie, Stay special place but today we are driving into Pasadena to see if we can park our rigs on a street next to Colorado Blvd. How are you two doing? Did you have a good Christmas with Ronald and Donald's families? Jan

Dean and Judy Sheeley said...

I envy you two. We are still in Kansas with snow all around. We will watch for you tomorrow on the TV. Judy

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