Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Celebrations

Jan with Christmas Ocotillo (Jan) Whether we’re out in the desert or in town living on 53rd Street, Christmas is being celebrated in unique fashion. Before we left our boondocking location out on Sidewinder Road we took a walk through the dessert surrounding us to the north and came upon this Ocotillo all decorated for the holiday season; complete with garland, bulbs and strings of lights.  It was just waiting to be plugged into a generator to033 - Copy light up the night!  Here on 53rd Street in the Foothills it’s an entirely different story!  Electric meters are rapidly spinning over on 55th Street between El Camino del Diablo and Montana street.  The last three nights Chuck and I have gone for evening walks through the neighborhood and always wind our way through 55th Street. The neighbors on that street have done their annual lighting for many years and have the theme, ‘The Night before Christmas’ with the entire poem done on Story boards up and down the street.

027 - Copy029 025 - Copy
           Corner of 53rd &
         El Camino del Diablo

    Story board with    Christmas Village Display

12/15 Boomer Gathering @ 53rd St.

This afternoon we had a Boomer Mini-rang Happy Hour at our house. It was a nice 70 degree afternoon and we enjoyed visiting out in the sunshine. Pictured above seated are; Patsy Cook, Diane Fisher, Carl Christensen, Barbara Cormack, standing; Gary Asplund, Jim Baker, Nancy Asplund, Bruce and Dee Richmond, our neighbors on our lot Steve and Kathy, Chuck, Joey Christensen, myself, Bea Marler, Dan Sheppard and Ken Marler (our photographer).


Anonymous said...

great blogs. just noticed your shirt in the last pic.(with friends)I bought the same one for
the holidays. HA

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