Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is it December already?

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(Jan) Amazing!  It’s December already.  The Christmas tree is up and the shopping for the kids and grandkids is done and packages have been shipped!  We will sure miss having Christmas with them, but will look forward to being with everyone this summer.

Chuck and I are stilling hanging out at Sidewinder Road016 with Ron and Bernita. Our days are spent doing projects, hiking and making an occasional run to Yuma.  Ron and Chuck have been sharing Boondocking site info and of course, we’ve sharing some very tasty meals.  Last Saturday we visited friends of theirs over at Pilot Knob and then made a stop at the Imperial Date Farm near Bard for date shakes. Delicious! plus we bought boxes of fresh-off-the-tree dates.  

022Dean and Judy joined us on Tuesday afternoon.  They have just purchased a ‘new-to-them’ motor home and had solar panels installed on it at Starlight Solar in Yuma. We had lots of solar energy discussions as well as the usual travel stories, happy hours and more shared dinners.  Last night we grilled chicken and tuna and 014rounded out the meal with baked beans, salad, grilled potatoes and carrot cake with ice cream for dessert!  We had fun playing Mexican Train dominoes after. Dean and Judy are on their was back to Prescott today.  We’re planning a trip to American Girl Mine Rd (2 miles away) to see Karen & Mickey and Kaaren & Bill this afternoon. And I’m sure that will be followed by more good food and a card game this evening.  We’ll bid Ron and Bernita a temporary good-bye while we head back to Yuma and they start heading toward Pasedena.


Jim and Bobbie said...

Five more working days to go and then we start heading for Arizona. Can't wait to visit all the places you have written about on your blog...especially getting dates right off the trees...yummo! Bobbie

Nancy said...

Good to see you guys and all the fun out at Sidewinder. We're in Florida. Lots of sun. Visiting with friends. Hope to see you this winter out west.
Nancy and Jerry

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