Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pilot Knob + Christmas festivities

Pilot Knob 2009 (Chuck) Yuma, AZ sits between two major landmarks. On the East is Telegraph Pass which we hiked in Cross and Chuck, Pilot KnobMarch of this year.  On the West is Pilot Knob which we have been eyeing for quite some time. Friday we took on Pilot Knob. We loaded the fanny pack and filled the water bottles. The climb is a rocky path ascending through an area which was quarried for gravel. It is not a leisurely hike that one would take with friends for the afternoon; it is more of a destination journey which, like Telegraph Pass, will reward you with a great vista at the summit.

(Jan) We reached the The Cross at the top, 876 feet elevation, after an hour of uphill climb.  The views from the top were magnificent; the Gila Mountains lay to the east beyond the city of Yuma, the Imperial Sand Dunes and the Cargo Muchacho Mountains lay to the west and north.  Los Algondes, Mexico was directly below us on the southeast and the American Canal and Mexico beyond the International Border Fence running off into the western distance, was on the south.

010Yuma and the Gila Mountains in the distance to the East 013Desert and Imperial Sand Dunes to the West
005 Cargo Muchacho Mountains 021 Los Algodones, Baja, Mexico
012Mexico beyond the American Canal and the Boundary Fence 028Chuck taking a phone call on the hike down – Notice our pick-up at the bottom

There is a geocache at the top of the mountain so we stopped to sign the notebook registry.  Jan at the Geocache, Pilot KnobThe hike down was somewhat easier, however, we had to be very careful of our footing in a couple of steep rocky sections. We were tired after the hike but really enjoyed our day’s outing.

Yesterday Chuck helped his mom put up new 8 foot ratan shades on her patio and then we joined her for lunch.  Later in the afternoon our friends Bruce and Dee came over from Kofa SKP Park for a visit. We enjoyed soup together and then walked over to the corner of 54th and El Camino to stake out a place for our lawn chairs to watch the Parade of Lights.  Dan & Jenny and Jim & Diane joined us as we viewed golf cars, quads and pick-ups roll by; all decked out in Christmas lights, Christmas trees and Holiday inflatables of all kinds. From there we strolled up and down 55th Street to see the neighborhood decorations.  What a fun day!

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Jerry and Nancy said...

Two great posts you guys! The hike up the mountain and your photos of the vistas up there are fantastic. And what nice Christmas times you are sharing in the Foothills with family and friends. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Nancy and Jerry

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