Wednesday, December 2, 2009


1December09 014 (Chuck)   We have moved to Sidewinder, a little spot of Heaven in the desert west of Yuma just before you get to the Imperial Sand Dunes. Some Boomers feel it is too windy (it can be), but to us it seems like home. We have enjoyed hiking in the nearby desert mountains over the years and when we arrived we made a plan to hike with our new best 2December09 0032December09 001

friends Ron and Bernita.  They are here with us for several days and we have enjoyed their company. Today we went through the mountain and around the North side for the return trip. On the way we visited a Geocache on the top called Black Rock Overlook. We first visited this cache two years ago with Monroes and Kingsburys. Geocaching is a sport that will always take you to a spot that you might not otherwise visit. We enjoy it.

(Jan)   Yesterday Chuck and I traveled to Algodones, MX to get new glasses as it has been several years since either of us had our eyes checked. We were delighted with the service we received at Algodones Optical from Dr. Luis Gonzalez.  He was very knowledgeable and professional and we both felt that it was a better experience than many eye exams we've had in the past. Only two hours after our exam our glasses were ready and we're both very happy with them.  During our wait we wandered the streetside shops and stores and then stopped for our favorite lunch, Shrimp Tacos.   

(Chuck) 1December09 026 We will be here with Ron and Bernita for several more days. We're having a good time hiking, planning winter activities and eating great meals. We are preparing for a trip to Pasadina, CA for the Rose Bowl Parade on New Years Day. If all goes well , we will park our rigs on a side street off Colorado Boulevard and be in great position to watch the parade. It promises to be a great experience.

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