Sunday, January 31, 2010

2010 Boomerville – Part II

Care Auction

(Jan) Our third trip to Boomerville at Quartzsite has come and gone.  It was a wonderful time of catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.  The special event above was a delicious potluck followed by our Auction for the SKP’s CARE facility.  Our goal was to raise $2,000; we surpassed that figure by $500. Through the last week we enjoyed a gathering at Gruelle’s with Sheppards, Marlers and Rayners, playing Pegs and Jokers with Betty & Duane and Loren & Kathy, Euchre with Ron & Bernita, a bar-b-que and eating Mexican with the Sheeleys, visiting at Jim & Bobbie’s, John and Julie’s and Chuck and Nancy’s, Happy Hours and another Pancake Feed with boil-in-a-bag omelets. 

034 - CopyThe other thing that kept us busy this past week was going into Quartzsite to look for a motor home. We had been casually looking for the last month and found what we wanted here in Q. We bought a 2006 Newmar Mountain Aire and we will pick it up Wednesday in Tucson. 

Our 2005 Americamp 5th wheel is for sale.  It has been a good home and has served us well.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

2010 Boomerville

Gretchen and Bob's Pancake Feed(Jan) Boomerville!  It’s like being surrounded by 200-300 friends, some that you’re tickled to see again, some that you Girls & Computershaven’t met yet! So what have we been doing? Playing Pegs & Jokers at Fisher-Bakers, eating meals with Poutneys and Chapmans. Visiting at Sheeleys, Websters and Watsons, attending group discussions, going into Quartzsite with Ron & Bernita and Bruce & Dee, walking with the group, going to potlucks and enjoying Gretchen and Bob’s pancake feeds. One day Bobbie, Diane, Dee, Bernita, Fran and Dianne brought their computers over to talk about photo by Ron PoutneyFace Book and Live Writer. It’s also been fun each day to meet at Happy Hour and see and visit with fellow Boomers that we’ve met traveling in the last several years! We had several days here of rain and strong winds, so many things were cancelled but with the sun returning today everyone is back outside and resuming normal Boomerville activities. Today Chuck and I hosted thephoto by Bobbie Chapman Chili cook-off and were very happy with the 20 wonderful chili entrants and abundant other goodies that everyone brought and shared. Several days ago we were invited to Ron and Bernita’s house for ribs.  Dee and Bruce, Judy and Dean, Poutneys and us had a wonderful time sharing our meal and talking about Boondocking.  Last night we enjoyed an extended Happy Hour at Bobbie and Jim’s with a group of friends we had spent time with in the Colorado Rockies in ‘08. What fun to gather with the group again. Pictured at left are Marie, myself, Nancy, Chuck G., Chuck, Dave and Jim. Bobbie was our photographer.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Quartzsite

011(Jan) After five nights at Sidewinder, we loaded up the rig and headed into The Foothills to spend a day with Joanne; enjoying meals together, playing cards and catching up on laundry.  It’s been very nice this winter to be able to spend time together.  Our ‘townie’ 002stay included a fun Sunday gathering at Sheppard’s to check out the progress of their new patio and play several games of Pegs and Jokers with them and Ron and Sharon Mead.  A supply run to Wal-Mart concluded our two night 001stop and we were on our way to Boomerville at Quartzsite.  This is our 3rd time here and it has been fascinating to us that each year has been a distinctively different experience. When we came the first time we were new Boomers, it was our first event and we didn’t know a soul. The second year was a time to catch up with the friends we’d met the first year and meet new ones. This year we are amazed at how many people we have been fortunate to have met in 2+ years traveling and the friendships that have been made. I hesitate to name names because I fear that I will forget some one important to us! So, whether we’re out and about enjoying friends or just at home in the rig we’re going to enjoy every minute of the next two weeks.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Back out in the desert

Rockhouse Road, Anza Borrego near Salton Sea(Jan) Anza Borrego is a huge California State park in the southern part of the state north west of San Diego.  We spent an enjoyable 2 days there decompressing from our Rose Bowl experience and enjoying the fabulous sunsets. Our route south took us to the western side of the Salton Sea which is below sea level. Notice the SEA LEVEL marker near the top of this elevator! From there our trusty Garmin Nuvi GPS pointed the way through El Centro to the Costco. We’ve always gotten where we wanted to go reading maps but our Garmin has been especially handy navigating us through cities.

sidewinder-neat cloud formation Mickey and Karen were there to greet us when we arrived at Sidewinder. It’s great to see them and Kaaren and Bill again.  Yesterday was a classic day in the desert!  Chuck, Bill, Mickey, Kaaren and KarenThere are about 8-9 rigs in our area and one of the gals had called a mobile cleaning/washing service to clean the carpets and wash and wax their rig.  A couple of others wanted their rig or carpets done, also, and before the day was over the crew had done carpets in 2 rigs, washed 7 and washed and waxed another. We spent most of the day outside visiting and ‘supervising’ since it was a gorgeous, wind-free sunny day.  Here’s Chuck, Bill, Mickey, Kaaren and Karen hard at work!

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Rose Bowl Parade

(Chuck and Jan) Here we are; the Poutneys, Moores aFrom Dee 014nd Richmans bright 119 - Copyand early on New Years Day waiting to watch the 2010 Rose Bowl Parade.  We did managed to get front row seats in front of the Pep Boys at 1135 East Colorado Blvd. The morning started off chilly but by parade time it was a perfect day! For many years we watched this parade on television so it is a real pleasure to see it in person. It was a thrill seeing the floats out on the street after having working on several of them. The bands and equestrians groups were incredible as were the dancers and entertainers surrounding many of the floats. It was a wonderful experience for all of us.

After the parade we three couples got together with Ken and Sue at Subway for lunch and also visited with Luke and Judy who were in town for the parade. But all good things must come to an end and by 2:00 we were all back on the road in different directions.  Chuck and I have spent the last two nights at Anza-Borrego State Park and will head to Sidewinder tomorrow.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Float building, Part II

038 - Copy (3) (Jan) Our third and fourth day of building Rose Bowl Parade Floats was just as fun as the first two. It was fascinating seeing the progress from the ‘skeleton’ to the nearly fully decorated float. 059 - Copy (2) Chuck continued to work with Gretchen and her crew on the floral maches and then helped them as they began making the actual bouquets on the Lions float! They were amazing and so stunningly beautiful up close! Day 3 found me up on a scaffolding gluing mum heads on the side of the the huge calliope that was the Lions Float. The following day I was fortunate in getting to ‘petal’ on that float. Petaling involves gluing carnation petals on one by one. We are so very grateful to Gretchen for allowing us to help on her crew.

012 - Copy (4)

(Chuck) Our work allowed us to frequently roam through the building and observe the process. There was always something new happening.

28December09 017Petals were cut from dried flowers and run through a blender to be used as a fine textured colorful dust to be applied to a glue backing.

30December09 030
Scaffolding surrounded each float to allow access to the project. Three different kinds of adhesive glue which were transferred from five gallon pails to small squirt bottles.
28December09 124 Many thousands of long stem roses were stripped of their thorns and placed in water containers for application the next days.
30December09 053The soldier was constructed and flowered inside the building in this position. He was raised for going out the door and also lowered for an overpass on the parade route.
30December09 060 This is an actual volunteer technical expert applying individual petals to the banner.30December09 069These are actual volunteer technical experts cutting petals from red carnations

From Dee 008 These are the Actual Boomer Volunteer Technical Experts that worked for Gretchen at the 2010 Rose Parade; Bernita and Ron Poutney, Chuck and Jan Moore and Bruce and Dee Richmond. I am sure that after we report the event at Q there will be many standing in line for a chance to help Gretchen in 2011. We all appreciated the unique experience.

(Jan)When we left Yuma to begin our Rose Bowl experience, we drove over to the SKP Park Jojoba Hills near Aguanga CA and met up with Ron and Bernita. 002 After enjoying a delicious meal of ham and beans over corn bread, we went up to the clubhouse for a game of Hand and Foot. The following morning found us loading up and heading over to the LA area. The next three nights were spent at the Police2West Covina Elks. It was in a nice neighborhood and only 20 minutes from the Rose Palace. On the morning of the 30th, we moved to Mar Vista Ave in Pasadena, a half a block off of Colorado Blvd. Bruce and Dee Richmond had gotten there before us and were waiting, holding the spots we wanted along the street! So good to see them and fortunate to be so close to the parade route. We were registered with the Pasadena Police as part of the ‘Watch’ program and we’re happy to say that it was a very nice neighborhood and fairly quiet for sleeping.

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