Saturday, January 23, 2010

2010 Boomerville

Gretchen and Bob's Pancake Feed(Jan) Boomerville!  It’s like being surrounded by 200-300 friends, some that you’re tickled to see again, some that you Girls & Computershaven’t met yet! So what have we been doing? Playing Pegs & Jokers at Fisher-Bakers, eating meals with Poutneys and Chapmans. Visiting at Sheeleys, Websters and Watsons, attending group discussions, going into Quartzsite with Ron & Bernita and Bruce & Dee, walking with the group, going to potlucks and enjoying Gretchen and Bob’s pancake feeds. One day Bobbie, Diane, Dee, Bernita, Fran and Dianne brought their computers over to talk about photo by Ron PoutneyFace Book and Live Writer. It’s also been fun each day to meet at Happy Hour and see and visit with fellow Boomers that we’ve met traveling in the last several years! We had several days here of rain and strong winds, so many things were cancelled but with the sun returning today everyone is back outside and resuming normal Boomerville activities. Today Chuck and I hosted thephoto by Bobbie Chapman Chili cook-off and were very happy with the 20 wonderful chili entrants and abundant other goodies that everyone brought and shared. Several days ago we were invited to Ron and Bernita’s house for ribs.  Dee and Bruce, Judy and Dean, Poutneys and us had a wonderful time sharing our meal and talking about Boondocking.  Last night we enjoyed an extended Happy Hour at Bobbie and Jim’s with a group of friends we had spent time with in the Colorado Rockies in ‘08. What fun to gather with the group again. Pictured at left are Marie, myself, Nancy, Chuck G., Chuck, Dave and Jim. Bobbie was our photographer.

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Chuck and Jan Moore said...

2010 Judges were John Black, Loren Webster, Steve Ritchie, George Bruzenik. Winner...Judy Sheeley.

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