Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Quartzsite

011(Jan) After five nights at Sidewinder, we loaded up the rig and headed into The Foothills to spend a day with Joanne; enjoying meals together, playing cards and catching up on laundry.  It’s been very nice this winter to be able to spend time together.  Our ‘townie’ 002stay included a fun Sunday gathering at Sheppard’s to check out the progress of their new patio and play several games of Pegs and Jokers with them and Ron and Sharon Mead.  A supply run to Wal-Mart concluded our two night 001stop and we were on our way to Boomerville at Quartzsite.  This is our 3rd time here and it has been fascinating to us that each year has been a distinctively different experience. When we came the first time we were new Boomers, it was our first event and we didn’t know a soul. The second year was a time to catch up with the friends we’d met the first year and meet new ones. This year we are amazed at how many people we have been fortunate to have met in 2+ years traveling and the friendships that have been made. I hesitate to name names because I fear that I will forget some one important to us! So, whether we’re out and about enjoying friends or just at home in the rig we’re going to enjoy every minute of the next two weeks.

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Laurie, Odel, and Luna said...

Jan, when I read your comments on your different Boomervile experiences, I thought "that should go in the newsletter". It can be difficult for new Boomers to take that first step - to go to a Boomerang (Q or otherwise) where many people know each other, but they don't know anyone. Melting into the Boomer pot takes awhile... and is so rewarding!

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