Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yuma Area

(Chuck) 18/?? February, Ogilby Road, CA Boondockers, FB (N32.83543 W114.83350) 440’ . This is how I carry this site in our daily log. The Boondockers reference is about another Escapees BOF (Birds of a Feather) which commonly use this area of the desert. We are members of the Boondockers and are parked with them, but we have so much going on at this time that we have not socialized with them much. Another time we will get to know them better. They are a casual group which seems to respect each others space. The rigs are scattered in the desert. There are easily 50 to 100 yards between rigs. They coffee each morning and socialize each evening at a central campfire. Each can attend as they wish. It is a good arrangement.Marine Corps Silent Drill PlatoonUnited States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps

We are in a small wash area with Poutney’s and Sheeley”s. Last night we three couples attended a one hour performance of The United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps, and the Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon. It was a treat to watch their precision marching and the unique silent exhibition movements of the drill team. For many years I was on a drill team of veterans in Manning, Iowa. Our main purpose was at a funeral, to present the flag to a veteran’s survivor, and fire the salute. In addition to that we preformed at Memorial Day, Veterans Day, parades and other social occasions. We always thought we were pretty good, and we were for a bunch of old vets who were still trying to make a living in the real world. Well, enough of that old stuff, these men were very good. This group of 24 Marines executed a series of well calculated movements on the parade field. They carried M-1 Garand rifles with no slings. Their demonstration consisted of many in the air spins of the rifles. Much of the time their close quartered movements were done with “fixed bayonet”. The demonstration included a march in review for the commander of the Yuma Proving Ground and several NCOs’ and local college dignitaries. The final movement was a unique inspection of the ranks. Two times the inspector stopped at a Marine and “inspected” his rifle. It consisted of very elaborate spins and tosses of the rifles. Many movements of this performance were behind the back and over the head. The Garand weighs 10.5 pounds and they handled it flawlessly. These men make many performances all over the world during the course of their commitment to this Platoon. In addition to this they are infantrymen as all Marines are.


Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon
Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon

At the end of the evening the commanders gave inspirational words to the men. The spectators were offered a chance to gather on the field with the men and when they were released they were told to “meet Yuma”. They then individually talked with the people and it was a pleasure to see them interact with the younger children and older folks alike. The evening was rather chilly and wet with a light sprinkle. I don’t think anybody noticed it while these men were on the field.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Steps-Road Runner-Ogilby Road

003(Jan) Our time at the Steps was very pleasant; it’s a wonderful place to hike and explore as well as gather with a group. About 20 Boomers parked their Rigs at the Steps for the week of the Pyrotechnics Show in LHC.  We came at the end of that week but fully enjoyed our 4 days there.  The picture at the left is the top of our rig parked next to Briggs and Anderson/Peytons with another ten Boomer rigs on the next tier down in the background.  We joined the Happy Hour on Sunday and were delighted to visit with many of the people we met at Boomerville but didn’t get to spend a lot of time with.  012

On Tuesday we headed down to Quartzsite to make a very neccesary trip to the Pit Stop to dump and take on water. Road Runner BLM was our home for two days with the Sheeleys and Websters. The guys did a little shopping in Quartzsite, although they were out of the Cozy World brick heaters! We loved the one in our 5th wheel and were hoping to replace it right away.  Chuck did more work on the batteries, solar system and ‘phantom’ loads; each rig is different and we are ‘learning’ this one! Dean and Judy fixed margaritas for us on Tuesday and then we, they and Loren and Kathy headed into town for Mexican.  Wednesday was a great day 020for a hike along with a Happy Hour with we three couples and Jim and Melody Briggs, who stopped by to visit.  It’s been a fun stop.

On Thursday we and the Sheeleys headed west of Yuma and are now home on Ogilby Road with the ‘Boondockers’ group. Although we’ve been members for several years, this is our first gathering with them. We met up again with Ron and Bernita, whom we haven’t see since Quartzsite, and it was good to see them again. Judy and Dean had a special Happy Hour that day to celebrate our new rigs; they got theirs in December. We truly enjoyed the caviar and champagne, aged cheese, stone ground cracker, peppered salami and fresh strawberries!001

We’ve been out hiking here and also enjoying the sunsets as well as watching the Winter Olympics from Vancouver.  Sat. evening we grilled chicken and tuna together and then enjoyed a game of Mexican Train Dominos. On one of our walks we checked out the burned remains of an older026 20+ foot Class A motorhome. Ron and Bernita and watched the fire start, called 9-1-1 and then witnessed it burn in a very short time.  Apparently, a single gentleman was frying bacon and this is what remained of his home on wheels. He is safe but it’s a very chilling reminder to be safety conscious.

032Today we headed over to the new Q Casino for their 2-1 Buffet.  The food was absolutely varied and delicious, complete with 6-7 main entrees, many hot vegetable dishes and excellent salad and dessert selection as well as a chocolate fountain. Needless to say we skipped breakfast this morning and will not need an evening meal! When we got home we were in 023for a wonderful surprise….our friends, Bruce and Dee, were waiting for us and will spend a day or two with the group.  Tonight we’ll head over to the Sheeleys to watch the Olympics together. Tomorrow we have a hike and geocache find on the agenda. Pictured at left are Dean and Judy with Chica, Bruce and Dee, Ron and Berrnita & Chuck and I.        




Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pyrotechnics at Lake Havasu City

006 - Copy Here we are at home once more at ‘the steps’ about 10 miles south of LHC.  We arrived just in time for Ed’s Birthday Party and the main event of the Western Pyrotechnics Blast. We are amazed at how many rigs are here!  In the past there have been 15-20 at the most and just us at the least.  There are probably 25 Boomers here and another 8-10 Roving Rods, we’re members of both groups and happy to find so many friendly faces here.  The view is gorgeous and the weather this week-end is in the 70’s with a nice breeze.

Ed’s Birthday party was started last year by Boomer Betty Anderson.  She wanted to celebrate Duane’s birthday the Saturday of the Blast.  When she went to get a cake, there was one with Happy Birthday Ed on it and it was half price because no one came to pick it up; Ed had died! ;) So Ed’s BD Party was born and this year’s second annual event was a fun time; a great way to spend the afternoon before seeing the world class display of fireworks in the evening. The following are excellent frames captured by our friend Bobbie Chapman.

InlineRepresentation07de300d-8ab6-470f-9b02-295ed8f5ae4e[2][1]We will spend part of this week here before heading back down to the Foothills or to Sidewinder.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


(Jan) Life is rapidly changing for Chuck and I. 2006 Newmar Mountain AireLast Wednesday we headed over Beaudry in Tucson to take delivery of our ‘new to us’ motor home.  We stayed there for two nights on their transition lot to try out the options, equipment and check it over. We also had Beaudry install a tow bar package to the MH and our truck, which we will be using as a tow vehicle. On Friday we headed back across AZ and spent the night at the Elks Club in Gila Bend. Our home for the last several days has been at Sidewinder off of Ogilby Road; our 5th wheel is parked right next door. moving day 2/6/2010Saturday afternoon and Sunday were moving days for us. Chuck unloaded and I loaded……..and we’re wondering ‘where did all this ‘stuff’ come from???’ Monday brought more cleaning and stowing plus Chuck removed the solar panels to move to the MH. A BIG thanks you goes out to Betty & Duane and Melody & Jim for feeding us each evening; Dinner on Saturday night and Super Bowl Party on Sunday.  Great food and wonderful companionship; Boomers are the Best! 

We took our pick-up into Yuma yesterday to have a towed braking system installed and stopped by Starlight Solar to arrange the Solar system installation. Chuck’s mom, Joanne, gave us a ride back out to Sidewinder and spent the afternoon with us here touring the MH, playing cards and sharing traveling and camping stories. Later in the afternoon Ken and Sue stopped by to visit on their way home from Puerto Penasco, Mexico. We finished off the evening by walking over to Bill & Kaaren’s and Mickey & Karen’s who are close by here at Sidewinder. Tomorrow Bill and Kaaren will give us a ride back into Yuma to get our truck, we’ll come back out here to get the 5th wheel and then deliver it to the transporting agent, where it will start on it’s journey to Calgary, Canada.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our 5th Wheel has been sold

leaving Boomerville 2010 Saturday Chuck listed our Americamp Fifth Wheel for Sale on Craigs’s List.  By last night at 5:00 we had sold it!  Our buyer had a friend come and look it over, he called back and said ‘yes’ and it is going to Canada. Our Fiver is going to continue traveling without us! We hope it’s new owners have as much fun in it as we have had.

Last Saturday we were in Quartzsite at the beautiful Vito’s Resort & Luxury Estates….that’s for our friend Maryanne who didn’t think Vito’s sounded very ‘upscale’!  We did a little cleaning on the rig, showed it to a fellow Boomer Couple and then spent some time roaming around the Sale Tents at Rice Ranch and Tyson Wells. That evening we went over to Ken and Maryanne Watson’s for grilled burgers and a good visit. They had traded motor homes this summer so we had a fun time comparing notes. On Sunday we spent more time around Q and the car show in the big tent.  We also got to sit in on a personal concert in David Bradley’s tent; what an amazing voice and guitar talent! For five years he played and sang with the Sons of the Pioneers.  He is Ken and Maryanne’s neighbor at Rice Ranch and we had met him the night before around the campfire.

Yesterday we moved down to Yuma and tomorrow we will head over to Tucson to get our Motor Home.

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