Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our 5th Wheel has been sold

leaving Boomerville 2010 Saturday Chuck listed our Americamp Fifth Wheel for Sale on Craigs’s List.  By last night at 5:00 we had sold it!  Our buyer had a friend come and look it over, he called back and said ‘yes’ and it is going to Canada. Our Fiver is going to continue traveling without us! We hope it’s new owners have as much fun in it as we have had.

Last Saturday we were in Quartzsite at the beautiful Vito’s Resort & Luxury Estates….that’s for our friend Maryanne who didn’t think Vito’s sounded very ‘upscale’!  We did a little cleaning on the rig, showed it to a fellow Boomer Couple and then spent some time roaming around the Sale Tents at Rice Ranch and Tyson Wells. That evening we went over to Ken and Maryanne Watson’s for grilled burgers and a good visit. They had traded motor homes this summer so we had a fun time comparing notes. On Sunday we spent more time around Q and the car show in the big tent.  We also got to sit in on a personal concert in David Bradley’s tent; what an amazing voice and guitar talent! For five years he played and sang with the Sons of the Pioneers.  He is Ken and Maryanne’s neighbor at Rice Ranch and we had met him the night before around the campfire.

Yesterday we moved down to Yuma and tomorrow we will head over to Tucson to get our Motor Home.

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Gregg Schindel said...

Today is the big day. I think that congratulations are in order. We probably won't see you before we head off to our next adventure in the SE U.S. but maybe we will catch up with you again in Iowa. We will be there several times over the course of the summer. We had planned to come to Q but chickened out because of the rain and stayed at McDowell Mountain park for most of January. Have fun!

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