Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pyrotechnics at Lake Havasu City

006 - Copy Here we are at home once more at ‘the steps’ about 10 miles south of LHC.  We arrived just in time for Ed’s Birthday Party and the main event of the Western Pyrotechnics Blast. We are amazed at how many rigs are here!  In the past there have been 15-20 at the most and just us at the least.  There are probably 25 Boomers here and another 8-10 Roving Rods, we’re members of both groups and happy to find so many friendly faces here.  The view is gorgeous and the weather this week-end is in the 70’s with a nice breeze.

Ed’s Birthday party was started last year by Boomer Betty Anderson.  She wanted to celebrate Duane’s birthday the Saturday of the Blast.  When she went to get a cake, there was one with Happy Birthday Ed on it and it was half price because no one came to pick it up; Ed had died! ;) So Ed’s BD Party was born and this year’s second annual event was a fun time; a great way to spend the afternoon before seeing the world class display of fireworks in the evening. The following are excellent frames captured by our friend Bobbie Chapman.

InlineRepresentation07de300d-8ab6-470f-9b02-295ed8f5ae4e[2][1]We will spend part of this week here before heading back down to the Foothills or to Sidewinder.

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