Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Windows Live Writer

(Jan) Last summer Chuck was looking for a better way to compose a Blog and expressed those thoughts in his writing.  Our friend Laurie Brown e-mailed that she was using Windows Live Writer and would be happy to help him get started. He did download the program but due to a busy schedule he wasn’t able to take Laurie 001up on her very generous offer at that time. We started experimenting with it off and on and did use it a couple of times. Fast forward to September; Chuck and I went to Winchester Bay ‘crabbing’ with the Roving Rods group. There, several of us girls were talking about Live Writer and once again, Laurie offered to teach us how to use it.  003This time we were quick to take her up on that and had a wonderful time learning.  Now fast forward to the present. Yesterday Nancy Hurley and I sat down to look at Live Writer again, as she had been wanting to start using it and we had a wonderful time!  As we explored the program and Nancy asked about each feature, I was able to remember more of the things Laurie had taught us. So, thanks again Laurie! While I blogged on Moore News, Nancy wrote on Hurley Travels, the Blog she writes about her and Jerry’s adventures. We were having so much fun that we only left ourselves half an hour to grab a sandwich before our guests arrived for the evenings activities!

Pegs and Jokers Board ready to playYuma, AZ 025

Yuma, AZ 026 Ron choosing snacks and Jan dealing while the rest go for drinks.


Ron and Sharon Mead arrived for an evening of Pegs and Jokers right on time. We spent some time visiting and then commenced the serious business of concentrating on ‘the game’……well kind of, amidst the laughter and good natured teasing, we did get in 3 games. Guys 2, Girls 1. Getting the perfect group shot was another of the evenings activities but we’re happy to report that a good time was had by all!  



Boomer Happy Hour

(Jan) As a Boomer Escapee Club member, having a group gathering is a very simple thing. You post an invitation on the BBB (Boomer Bulletin Board) with the date, time, place and what to bring; your chair, drinks and snacks to share, and Voila! Happy Hour! Twenty-one Boomers + four neighbors and friends answered the summons; Brian Allen and Yvonne Bachman, Cathy and Steve, Padraic Ley, Jerry and Nancy Hurley, Nancy and Gary Asplund, Dan and Jenny Sheppard, John Oliver and Twyla, Carl and Joey Christensen, Ron and Sharon Mead, Patsy Cook, Ken Marler, Kathy and Gene Thaden, Don and Linda Troyer, Gerry and Leslie Muza.Boomer groupThis wonderful combination of old-time Boomers, who have been with the group since the early 90’s, lot neighbors Steve and Cathy, brand new Boomers Brian and Yvonne, and Christensen’s friends Leslie and Gerry made a lively combination and a fun afternoon. The day was a warm, sunny and 85+ degrees.  Our friends Carl and Joey C. brought their free standing tent over to add to the shade from the motorhome.  Thanks guys! 

Nancy, Chuck, Jan and Jerry  Nancy, Chuck, Jan and Jerry

The Boomer group trying to stay in the shade. 010

Sharon, Patsy, Kathy, Nancy, Leslie and Don009

Ron and Jerry014

Chuck taking photos of the group  Yuma. AZ 013

Sharon joining Twyla, John & Padriac016

Yuma. AZ 007 

Yuma. AZ 019 
Chuck and I

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Back home in the Mountain Aire

Coming home is a wonderful thing; being with Chuck, having internet, 70-80 degree weather and sleeping in my own bed, etc, etc. We spent one night in Gila Bend and then headed to the Yuma Foothills.  I will miss my parents and siblings but it’s good to be with Chuck and I’m looking forward to seeing Joanne and being with my Yuma friends!the Hurley's and Moore's on 53rd Street, the FoothillsSpeaking of friends…..we arrived on 53rd Street on Wednesday and were joined the following day by Jerry and Nancy, friends that we met in Boomerville two years ago and have a wonderful time with whenever our paths cross. We’re enjoying our time with them and with Chuck’s mom, Joanne and will host a Boomer Happy Hour tomorrow. Life is good!

A Trip back to Iowa

Ron Riesselman, Linda Gilliland, Jan Moore and Glen Riesselman (Jan) My brothers and sister and I headed back to Iowa on the 12th to spent time with our dad and mom who are now at home at the Swan House, an assisted living facility in Carroll, Iowa. It’s a warm, cheery place and we were happy to find both of them doing as well as possible. my mom,Dolores, me and my dad, Herb It is their home now and they are well taken care of by an awesome staff. We enjoyed visiting with mom and dad and sharing stories, taking pictures and even joined them at their exercise class.  One day my dad’s two youngest sisters came to visit and several days later his next younger brother Lawrence moved in across the hall! (Dad is the oldest of 12; eight boys and 4 girls.) Brother Ron, from California and his son John, Dad with his sisters Alice and Katiesister Linda, from Kansas, brother Glen, from Templeton, Iowa and I, also roamed through our childhood home and my parent’s home of 59 years in Halbur. We found so many memories, things mom and dad had used for a life time and many things that we had known growing up. Saturday evening we went to Mass together at the beautiful Holy Angels Church in tiny Roselle, Iowa and then headed to Glen’s where his wife Mary Ann treated us to a culinary feast! 

in front; mom, Stephen, Michael, Anne, Brent, Dad, Katie; in back, Donna with Madeleine and Libby and me.

Linda, Ron and John headed back on Monday but I stayed for another week or so. On Thursday our son Brent, wife Donna and family arrived to visit. Michael’s 9th birthday was on the 20th and my dad’s 94th Birthday is April 8th so we had dinner and cake together in the Swan House Dining Room. Cake with  9 candles for Michael's 9th Birthday and 9+4 for Dad's 94th Birthday


Glen took me to the airport last Tuesday and my flight  back to Phoenix was uneventful. I was met by my wonderful hubby and I was oh so happy to be home!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Feb/March Misc.

(Jan) Chuck and I are parked in Gila Bend tonight at the Elks Club.  I am flying out of Phoenix tomorrow and this gets us a little closer to the airport with a safe place to leave our motorhome. My brothers, sister and I are going to visit my parents at their Assisted Living Facility. It will be good to be together as a family again, however, I am sad to leave Chuck here.

The past 3 weeks we have stayed at Ogilby Road, 4 nights at Sidewinder and the past 5 nights on a lot on 53rd Street in the Yuma Foothills. We’ve enjoyed visiting lots of wonderful Boomer friends and getting to be with Chuck’s mom.

004 Chuck with Judy Sheeley in the back ground, on our hike to the American Girl Mine.

017One of the gorgeous sunrises looking through the windshield of our motorhome
 013 009
Bernita Poutney and I, with Judy and Ron, making homemade ice cream in 2 zip lock bags.  It was delicious! Recipe follows.

Thanks, Ron and Bernita for sharing this treat with us! In 1qt. Ziplock freezer bag, put: 1cup Half & Half, 3 Tablespoons sugar,¼ tsp vanilla. Burp the bag and seal tightly.  Next; In a One Gallon Ziploc bag, Put: 3+ cups  of ice cubes, ¾ cup rock salt. Put the 1qt bag inside 1gal bag, burp and seal. Roll bag up in a large towel to insulate it and keep your hands from freezing. Knead bags gently about 8-12 min until you have hard ice cream. Note: Be careful when kneading bags so you don’t cause them to rupture or leak. Be careful not to contaminate ice cream when opening small bag as it will be covered in salty water.
001         looking up……. 004
                …….looking down
010 016       Hiking in the Ogilby Hills.

This week we received some exciting news from our son Josh and daughter-in-law Sarah.  They are expecting a baby in July and have found out that it will be a little girl!  This new precious little one will be our 11th grandchild; our 7th granddaughter.

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