Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Boomer Happy Hour

(Jan) As a Boomer Escapee Club member, having a group gathering is a very simple thing. You post an invitation on the BBB (Boomer Bulletin Board) with the date, time, place and what to bring; your chair, drinks and snacks to share, and Voila! Happy Hour! Twenty-one Boomers + four neighbors and friends answered the summons; Brian Allen and Yvonne Bachman, Cathy and Steve, Padraic Ley, Jerry and Nancy Hurley, Nancy and Gary Asplund, Dan and Jenny Sheppard, John Oliver and Twyla, Carl and Joey Christensen, Ron and Sharon Mead, Patsy Cook, Ken Marler, Kathy and Gene Thaden, Don and Linda Troyer, Gerry and Leslie Muza.Boomer groupThis wonderful combination of old-time Boomers, who have been with the group since the early 90’s, lot neighbors Steve and Cathy, brand new Boomers Brian and Yvonne, and Christensen’s friends Leslie and Gerry made a lively combination and a fun afternoon. The day was a warm, sunny and 85+ degrees.  Our friends Carl and Joey C. brought their free standing tent over to add to the shade from the motorhome.  Thanks guys! 

Nancy, Chuck, Jan and Jerry  Nancy, Chuck, Jan and Jerry

The Boomer group trying to stay in the shade. 010

Sharon, Patsy, Kathy, Nancy, Leslie and Don009

Ron and Jerry014

Chuck taking photos of the group  Yuma. AZ 013

Sharon joining Twyla, John & Padriac016

Yuma. AZ 007 

Yuma. AZ 019 
Chuck and I

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