Thursday, March 11, 2010

Feb/March Misc.

(Jan) Chuck and I are parked in Gila Bend tonight at the Elks Club.  I am flying out of Phoenix tomorrow and this gets us a little closer to the airport with a safe place to leave our motorhome. My brothers, sister and I are going to visit my parents at their Assisted Living Facility. It will be good to be together as a family again, however, I am sad to leave Chuck here.

The past 3 weeks we have stayed at Ogilby Road, 4 nights at Sidewinder and the past 5 nights on a lot on 53rd Street in the Yuma Foothills. We’ve enjoyed visiting lots of wonderful Boomer friends and getting to be with Chuck’s mom.

004 Chuck with Judy Sheeley in the back ground, on our hike to the American Girl Mine.

017One of the gorgeous sunrises looking through the windshield of our motorhome
 013 009
Bernita Poutney and I, with Judy and Ron, making homemade ice cream in 2 zip lock bags.  It was delicious! Recipe follows.

Thanks, Ron and Bernita for sharing this treat with us! In 1qt. Ziplock freezer bag, put: 1cup Half & Half, 3 Tablespoons sugar,¼ tsp vanilla. Burp the bag and seal tightly.  Next; In a One Gallon Ziploc bag, Put: 3+ cups  of ice cubes, ¾ cup rock salt. Put the 1qt bag inside 1gal bag, burp and seal. Roll bag up in a large towel to insulate it and keep your hands from freezing. Knead bags gently about 8-12 min until you have hard ice cream. Note: Be careful when kneading bags so you don’t cause them to rupture or leak. Be careful not to contaminate ice cream when opening small bag as it will be covered in salty water.
001         looking up……. 004
                …….looking down
010 016       Hiking in the Ogilby Hills.

This week we received some exciting news from our son Josh and daughter-in-law Sarah.  They are expecting a baby in July and have found out that it will be a little girl!  This new precious little one will be our 11th grandchild; our 7th granddaughter.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Stupendious photo of sunset from inside your rig!!! Very innovative.

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