Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Windows Live Writer

(Jan) Last summer Chuck was looking for a better way to compose a Blog and expressed those thoughts in his writing.  Our friend Laurie Brown e-mailed that she was using Windows Live Writer and would be happy to help him get started. He did download the program but due to a busy schedule he wasn’t able to take Laurie 001up on her very generous offer at that time. We started experimenting with it off and on and did use it a couple of times. Fast forward to September; Chuck and I went to Winchester Bay ‘crabbing’ with the Roving Rods group. There, several of us girls were talking about Live Writer and once again, Laurie offered to teach us how to use it.  003This time we were quick to take her up on that and had a wonderful time learning.  Now fast forward to the present. Yesterday Nancy Hurley and I sat down to look at Live Writer again, as she had been wanting to start using it and we had a wonderful time!  As we explored the program and Nancy asked about each feature, I was able to remember more of the things Laurie had taught us. So, thanks again Laurie! While I blogged on Moore News, Nancy wrote on Hurley Travels, the Blog she writes about her and Jerry’s adventures. We were having so much fun that we only left ourselves half an hour to grab a sandwich before our guests arrived for the evenings activities!

Pegs and Jokers Board ready to playYuma, AZ 025

Yuma, AZ 026 Ron choosing snacks and Jan dealing while the rest go for drinks.


Ron and Sharon Mead arrived for an evening of Pegs and Jokers right on time. We spent some time visiting and then commenced the serious business of concentrating on ‘the game’……well kind of, amidst the laughter and good natured teasing, we did get in 3 games. Guys 2, Girls 1. Getting the perfect group shot was another of the evenings activities but we’re happy to report that a good time was had by all!  




Jim and Bobbie said...

OK, Teacher, how did you do that large photo and smaller photos in the album?

Jim and Bobbie said...

OK, Teacher, how did you do that large photo and smaller photos in the album?

Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Hi Bobbie! Okay girlfriend, here goes......After you have filled out your photo album with pictures & inserted it into your blog, look on the right hand side under album style and choose between spread, grid left, grid right, scatter or fan. Pretty Cool!! It was fun remembering and finding more options! Hugs, Jan

mountainborn said...

Great explination of the photo thing. I'll try it. We also use windows live writer, it rocks !

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