Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring at the Farm

(Jan) We rolled into Iowa last Friday.  After a winter spent in the desert southwest and a at trip through the desert mountains in New Mexico, the greens of the Midwest were very vivid.  As our friend Dee said, “I love how many shades of green there are in the spring.” Amazing; trees, wheat fields, bushes, grasses, alfalfa fields! There were a few crabapple and redbud trees in bloom but mostly it was a pallet of glorious shades of green! And what make all of those things grow?  Rain, of course! We arrived at the farm around 4:00 in the rain & thus, on very muddy roads. In our area many of the fields are bare and waiting for seed to be planted to turn into corn or soybean fields.

011 (Chuck) A week after arriving at the farm, Lynn was planting corn. He has a newer 16 row planter that is equipped with the latest GPS systems that assist the planting and mapping of the fields. Occasionally, it is still necessary to “dig for the seed” and insure the seed is properly placed in the ground. In this picture Lynn is doing double duty. He is checking seed and organizing his hired help with the use of his cell phone.

securedownload Today was one of those hot, windy and unsettled days in the Midwest . Those of us who have lived in the area know that these days often bring violent weather. At this time we are on the edge of one of those big thunderstorms that bring excitement to the area. With any luck it will bring enough moisture to start the seed and not too much to cause damage to the fields. This is just another day in farm country. We depend on the weather, sometimes it brings us enough rain and sometimes too much rain.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Photos from AZ & NM

We had a lovely time with friends in Arizona and an interesting drive across New Mexico. Here are some of the pictures.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


003 - Copy(Jan)We are just back out on the road after our annual spring stop in the Rye area with Sheeley’s. This year we were joined by the Poutneys and we three couples had a good time hiking, walking, crafting, making trips into Rye and Payson and of course, sharing super meals and Happy Hours.  Judy taught Pine Needle Basket weaving, Bernita helped us learn Locker Hook Rug making 033 and thanks to Nancy Hurley, Jan shared ways of making earrings. Chuck, Dean and Ron took a full day to do a strenuous hike north of Roosevelt Lake to a Salado Indian ruins area. 021We three couples made a trip down to the Rye Bar and Grill for a fabulous rib dinner and into Gerardo’s in Payson for Italian. But the best food of all was the Birthday dinner we had for Bernita’s 59th and Chuck’s 61st Birthdays; pork loin, sweet potato casserole, antipasto salad, edamame salad, garlic bread and carrot cake!

011Early Tuesday morning we three couples said good-bye and each headed out to a new destination. We are headed to the midwest to spend time with family. It will be wonderful to see two of our sons and families that are there plus my parents and brother and sister. We did drive through the Petrified Forest NP on our way NE and it is a fascinating place. It will be fun to stop there again and do some hiking and sightseeing. Yesterday’s 420 mile route also took us through beautiful northwestern New Mexico. We had planned to go through Utah, Colorado and Nebraska but will save that for another time. Today we are driving east on I40 and will head NE on Hwy 54 through Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

******We’ve stopped for the night at a Wal-Mart in Salina, Kansas after 551miles. Tomorrow we’ll stay at the Cabelas on the west side of Kansas City and visit my sister and family just north of there. Thursday we will finish our trek to Iowa.  I’m anxious to see my dad who is experiencing some health difficulties. We’ll be in Iowa off and on through the summer.

Monday, April 12, 2010

End of the SW Season

 Jerry and Nancy Hurley, Chuck, Jan and Joanne MooreAs the mercury rises at the end of March/beginning of April  it is time for many travelers to head to cooler climates. It is also the time for one (or many) last gathering(s); Patsy’s Pizza Party at the Round Table, Asplund’s Happy Hour, Ice Cream with Joanne, The Ladies Luncheon at Julieanna’s, Watson’s Evening of Music and now our annual Boondocking Stop at Rye. We are south of Payson in the Tonto National Forest between the Mazatzal Mountains and the Mogollon Rim.  We’re sharing this little piece of heaven with good friends Dean and Judy Sheeley and Ron and Bernita Poutney. Prickly Pear floweringThe desert is very colorful with blooming cactus, brittle bush and apricot mallow plus dozens of others that have us reaching for our wild flower books to identify. We’ll stay here for a week or so before heading north and east; possibly through Canyon De Chelly in NE Arizona and Arches NP near Moab, Utah.                 

It was sad saying good-bye to Chuck’s mom Joanne, our Foot Hills lot neighbors Jerry and Nancy Hurley and all of our Yuma friends but fun to see our friends near Phoenix and here at Rye. We’re looking forward to our travels through AZ, Utah and Colorado and to seeing family and friends back in the mid-west!

Below are a few of the pictures from the gatherings.  

Dessert Tray at Julieanna’sJulieanna's dessert tray Absolutely incredible.

Nancy Hurley, Jan, Nancy AsplundJulieanna’s - Good Food, good company!!  Nancy Hurley, me & Nancy Asplund

Patsy Cook & pizza friendsPatsy Cook and friends at Round Table Pizza

Chuck & company @ AsplundsChuck, Larry Crutcher, Jenny and Dan Sheppard

Boomers at Watson'sThe Watson’s Boomer Mini-Rang; Ken & Maryanne Watson, Sue & Ken Pace, Chuck & I, Sharon & Don Del Rosario and Loren & Kathy Webster.

Jan and Nancy Hurley

Jan and Nancy with peyote stitch bracelets & new earrings we made.



Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rock and Roll in Yuma, AZ

(Chuck)  Today was just another earth shaking day in our blessed lives. Each day on this journey has remarkable events. We woke up to another beautiful morning in the Arizona southwest. We attended church and celebrated our risen Lord.

4April 022 After church we shared our Easter meal with my mother Joanne and our good friends Jerry and Nancy Hurley. Jan fixed her famous ham and Jerry produced a great pot of mashed potatoes. It was a great opportunity to share with family and friends. After our meal we cleared the table and played two games of the Whole Enchilada. It is a great card game and we laughed and talked through the afternoon.

Jerry and I were in the process of checking out which circuit breakers control which outlets in our rig. It was at this time that things started to shake. I mean really shake. Jan and I were experiencing our first earthquake, and it was a big one.quake2 At this time is has been calculated to be 7.2. We all stood in our rig and watched the rig ahead of us rock and roll. My mother’s car which was parked next to our rig was dancing also. We all felt fortunate to experience this thing. When the first quake shaking subsided I went to the USGS site and looked up the quake. It was only one or two minutes after the quake the USGS had posted the preliminary results. At that time it was thought to be a 6.9. It was centered south of Mexicali, Mexico which is 60 miles from where we are. So, it was quite an experience. We were 60 miles from a 7.2 quake. Since then we have experienced many aftershocks. It has been an eventful day here in Yuma, Arizona. We are all wondering what tomorrow will bring us.

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