Monday, April 12, 2010

End of the SW Season

 Jerry and Nancy Hurley, Chuck, Jan and Joanne MooreAs the mercury rises at the end of March/beginning of April  it is time for many travelers to head to cooler climates. It is also the time for one (or many) last gathering(s); Patsy’s Pizza Party at the Round Table, Asplund’s Happy Hour, Ice Cream with Joanne, The Ladies Luncheon at Julieanna’s, Watson’s Evening of Music and now our annual Boondocking Stop at Rye. We are south of Payson in the Tonto National Forest between the Mazatzal Mountains and the Mogollon Rim.  We’re sharing this little piece of heaven with good friends Dean and Judy Sheeley and Ron and Bernita Poutney. Prickly Pear floweringThe desert is very colorful with blooming cactus, brittle bush and apricot mallow plus dozens of others that have us reaching for our wild flower books to identify. We’ll stay here for a week or so before heading north and east; possibly through Canyon De Chelly in NE Arizona and Arches NP near Moab, Utah.                 

It was sad saying good-bye to Chuck’s mom Joanne, our Foot Hills lot neighbors Jerry and Nancy Hurley and all of our Yuma friends but fun to see our friends near Phoenix and here at Rye. We’re looking forward to our travels through AZ, Utah and Colorado and to seeing family and friends back in the mid-west!

Below are a few of the pictures from the gatherings.  

Dessert Tray at Julieanna’sJulieanna's dessert tray Absolutely incredible.

Nancy Hurley, Jan, Nancy AsplundJulieanna’s - Good Food, good company!!  Nancy Hurley, me & Nancy Asplund

Patsy Cook & pizza friendsPatsy Cook and friends at Round Table Pizza

Chuck & company @ AsplundsChuck, Larry Crutcher, Jenny and Dan Sheppard

Boomers at Watson'sThe Watson’s Boomer Mini-Rang; Ken & Maryanne Watson, Sue & Ken Pace, Chuck & I, Sharon & Don Del Rosario and Loren & Kathy Webster.

Jan and Nancy Hurley

Jan and Nancy with peyote stitch bracelets & new earrings we made.



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Nancy said...

Another happy reminder of our times together as "townies." And also, of your Windows Live Writer tutoring. We are so blessed. Thanks guys.

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