Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rock and Roll in Yuma, AZ

(Chuck)  Today was just another earth shaking day in our blessed lives. Each day on this journey has remarkable events. We woke up to another beautiful morning in the Arizona southwest. We attended church and celebrated our risen Lord.

4April 022 After church we shared our Easter meal with my mother Joanne and our good friends Jerry and Nancy Hurley. Jan fixed her famous ham and Jerry produced a great pot of mashed potatoes. It was a great opportunity to share with family and friends. After our meal we cleared the table and played two games of the Whole Enchilada. It is a great card game and we laughed and talked through the afternoon.

Jerry and I were in the process of checking out which circuit breakers control which outlets in our rig. It was at this time that things started to shake. I mean really shake. Jan and I were experiencing our first earthquake, and it was a big one.quake2 At this time is has been calculated to be 7.2. We all stood in our rig and watched the rig ahead of us rock and roll. My mother’s car which was parked next to our rig was dancing also. We all felt fortunate to experience this thing. When the first quake shaking subsided I went to the USGS site and looked up the quake. It was only one or two minutes after the quake the USGS had posted the preliminary results. At that time it was thought to be a 6.9. It was centered south of Mexicali, Mexico which is 60 miles from where we are. So, it was quite an experience. We were 60 miles from a 7.2 quake. Since then we have experienced many aftershocks. It has been an eventful day here in Yuma, Arizona. We are all wondering what tomorrow will bring us.


Cheri said...

We were wondering...great update!

Love from Chicago.

Margie said...

We felt earthquakes in Yuma a year or so ago. But we are from CA. Sounds like it was a good one. Margie

Nancy said...

Couldn't have had a nicer group for my first quake. Thanks for the great Easter!

Nancy said...

Couldn't have had a nicer group for my first quake. Thanks for the great Easter!

ourbusandus said...

Sooo, how did you guys enjoy your very first big earthquake? We were in east San Diego County when it happened, at a Thousand Trails Park. Everyone was rockin' back & forth for quite a few minutes. Being from Calif, it was pretty ho hum...didn't feel any aftershocks whatsoever...

Hugs, Sharon & Ron

P.S. Maybe we'll see you somewhere in the midwest this summer..

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