Thursday, June 3, 2010

Life changes in a heart beat

(Jan) We were at Yellowsmoke Park near Denison when we got the call at 6:45 A.M.  My Mom had fallen and broken her leg just inches from her hip so we headed out to the hospital in Carroll.  My brother Glen and I were with mom while Chuck went over to the Swan House to be with dad. Mom had surgery by 11:15; Dr. Delaney aligned the break and put a rod in her femur.  After a tough first week, her progress is markedly better and dad is doing okay, too. We take him up to the hospital to visit every other day which takes lots of energy but he’s happy he can still manage. Today my sister Linda and niece and nephew Janae and Tom are coming to visit.  busy campground; looking toward the lakelooking toward Swan Lake

Chuck and I relocated our MH to Swan Lake State Park just 2 miles from the hospital.  Since we arrived the Wednesday before Memorial Day we felt very fortunate to get a space in this Park which was crowded to overflowing on the week-end. It’s a pretty place with an excellent walking path around the lake. We had rainy weather on Sunday night but by Monday the weather was sunny and the campground was largely deserted and very peaceful.  

soybeanscorn fieldIt has rained several times this past week and area farmers are happy that their crops are getting watered; almost all crops in the midwest U.S. rely on rainfall and are not irrigated.  These healthy soybean and corn fields are adjacent to Swan Lake.  The residue you see between the rows from last year’s crop helps build healthy soil and holds the moisture in the field.


Nancy said...

Hope Mom heals fast. Glad you are there for both of them. Take care, Nancy and Jerry

Jim and Bobbie said...

Our very best to your Mom and a wish for a fast recovery.

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