Friday, June 18, 2010

Sun, Rain, Heat and life in the Corn Belt

DTN stormtracker westhermap (Jan)A popular response when one complains about the rain or heat here in the Midwest is, “It will make the corn grow”. The top two factors of raising a bountiful corn crop are 1. getting enough moisture and 2. not getting too much moisture. With the rainfall in the past 2 weeks we’re definitely veering towards #2. Flooding and water standing in fields in Iowa has become a big concern.

The National Weather Service's five-day precipitation forecast shows a bull's-eye over Iowa.  Meteorologists predict a chance of rain every day through Tuesday in Des Moines, and with the ground already saturated, they say this could lead to more flooding. Large areas of the state are expected to get 3 inches of rain over the next five days, said Harry Hillaker, the state climatologist. Some areas near the center of the state could get 4 inches or more. The statewide average for rainfall in the first 16 days this month was 5.65 inches, Dad and Louie enjoying accordian music in the lounge in their wheelchairsmore than double the normal rate. Normal precipitation for the state in the entire month of June is 4.64 inches, and the state has already topped that, with a rainy period still to come. Stay tuned!

On a more personal front, we’ve been spending time down at the farm, at Yellowsmoke Park and at Swan Lake. Days consist of visiting with my parents and tending to their needs. My mom is back at the Swan House after 2.5 weeks in the hospital and her leg is mending nicely.  Dad continues to struggle with heart and kidney problems but still manages to get to meals in the dining room plus exercise class and other activities on his Hoveround.

Chuck & I have been blessed with good friends who we have been with at Yellowsmoke and Swan Lake.

hollowed out log fire Our friend Jim built this fun camp fire using a hollowed out log,  Thanks to our friend Edna for capturing this night time photo. Jan and JerriJan and Jerri sitting out one evening between rains. Photo by our friend Mary
 Jim, Tom, Lynn and ChuckJim, Tom, Lynn and Chuck waiting for the pork chops on the grill; another of Mary’s excellent photos  
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Enjoying the campfire with the Odendahls,
Phillips and

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Ron and Sharon said...

Hi Jan, your campground by the lake looks so peaceful. What a wonderful place to stay while visiting with family. I'm also glad to hear your mother is doing well despite what she did to her leg & that it seems your dad is still going strong despite his infirmities & I say, good for him!

Hugs, Sharon & Ron

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