Saturday, July 3, 2010

Good Friends

Dad helping Mom get back to their apartment; nearly 64 years together. (Jan) Two weeks have flown by here at Swan Lake!! We are spending lots of time visiting with my parents as mom mends from her broken leg and dad receives excellent care from his Hospice caregivers and the Swan House staff.  During this time we have also been blessed with some wonderful friends who have visited and stayed here with us at the campground. Local friends Ron and Edna Odendahl were here with us 6/23-26 and Boomer friends Gregg and Sally Schindel joined us 6/27 through 7/1. Our brother-in-law Butch came for a couple of visits, too. We’re already missing all of them but have enjoyed campfires with Lynn and Mary Phillips, who are here the the campground also, and Jim and Jerri Muhlbauer who joined us Thurs night.

Chuck, Ron and Edna The Moore and Odendahl rigs w/ Chuck, Ron and Edna getting ready for a grilled feast. So fun! Chuck and RonChuck and Ron – the rib masters – waiting for their masterpiece to be grilled just right!
sally & Gregg Schindel, Chuck and Butch Spieker Sally and Gregg Schindel, our friends from AZ, Chuck and our brother-in-law Butch from Seattle, who was in our area visiting family. We enjoyed every minute with each of them.  014The Moore and Schindel rigs at Happy Hour time.
 Sally & GreggTuesday was touring day for the Moores and Schindels.  Here’s Gregg and Sally in front of one of the Horizon Equipment mosaic murals in Manning. We traveled through Roselle, Halbur, our farm, Templeton, Dedham and Willey with a couple of interesting stops along the way.  Our lunch stop was at Deb’s Corner Cafe for a fabulous Pork Tenderloin sandwich and rhubarb pie for dessert. salmon!Greg grilled some exceptional salmon for us one evening.  It went well with the grilled cabbage and onions and the wine Butch brought along. Sally Sally on a freshly carved tree trunk chair.

Becki, Edna, Karen, Jan, Nancy and Betty Rancho Grande chairs Last Wednesday night I joined my long time girlfriends at Rancho Grande for margaritas and some excellent Mexican food.  Becki, Edna, Karen, Nancy, Betty and I have been celebrating birthdays, babies, weddings, graduations and Rancho Grande chairsupporting each other for 35 years. The occasion on Wednesday was Nancy’s birthday. We’re looking forward to going to the Broadway play ‘Jersey Boys’ at the Civic in Des Moines next month for Becki’s.R

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Jim and Bobbie said...

this was a glorious post! Very good photos and placement...really enjoyed it. Miss you guys!

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