Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jersey Boys

099 (Jan) Last week Wednesday my local girlfriends and I headed down to Des Moines to see the Broadway production ‘Jersey Boys’ at the Civic. We enjoyed dinner together at Spaghetti Works for Becki’s birthday and then headed over to the auditorium. Wow! Nancy said that she had gotten really good tickets for us but double WOW! Row C! Three rows from the front and on the right hand side of the stage. We could see every expression, hear every word. The music and singing were incredible with just enough humor thrown in to make us laugh. 087The audience was very responsive and gave the cast several well deserved standing ovations which greatly added to the enjoyment of our evening. We’ll be singing Four Seasons music for many days to come. Bravo!

So what did Chuck do while I was off playing with the girls? Snapped some awesome photos of yet another m092idwest thunderstorm rolling through our area of Iowa. It started before 091dark with the steady approach of a massive wall cloud and then as the sun set, the clouds ‘fired’ with an angry look. After another 2 inches of rain, we settled in for more hot, humid weather.

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Dean and Judy Sheeley said...

Those clouds look pretty scary. Reminds me of living in Okla.

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