Wednesday, August 11, 2010

hot, Hot, HOT!!!

(Jan) Okay, okay, we know that it is hot in Iowa in August but this is crazy!  For the past week or so the heat index has gotten up to 100-115 degrees! 40472_1601215508976_1193709032_1680986_5196481_s[1] Air Conditioning is a must; it takes your breath away to be outside in the afternoon!  Part of the problem is that the Midwest is stuck in a rainy weather pattern and we can’t seem to get unstuck.  Ames, Iowa where our son Brent, wife Donna and 6 kids are is in worse flooding than in 1993!  A water main broke draining one of the city’s huge water tower and now everyone in the city is having to boil their water. Hilton Coliseum, Iowa State’s Basketball arena is flooded.  We heard on the news that the court floor is floating in the flood water! So far the football stadium is okay.

Last Thursday we took a break from the Carroll County scene and headed down to Saylorville near Des Moines to meet Boomer friends Joey and Carl Christensen. Jan & Chuck 008We had planned to stay at South Prairie Flower CG but because of a major electric line break that entire campground was shut down. So, unless we had reservations, which we didn’t, Saylorville was completely booked.  We decided to meet at Cutty’s Resort at Grimes, also near Des Moines. It was great to see them and we spent fun hours visiting, playing Bocci and grilling.  We also went out to eat at Boston’s Bar & Grill and to Red Lobster for Carl and Joey’s anniversary.  Sunday night the four of us drove over to Fazoli’s in Ankeny to meet Boomer friends Russ and Jane Darrow who are workamping at Adventureland in Altoona this summer. Always good to see them and we had a great visit about everyone’s summer adventures.

The following was the weather report for Sunday at Cutty’s. Note that any Dew Point in the 70’s is extremely uncomfortable!

Weather Underground - Grimes, Iowa (PWS) Updated: 5 min 16 sec ago (8/8/10)

93.6 °F Humidity: 67% Dew Point: 81 °F Wind: 8.0 mph from the South

Wind Gust: 20.0 mph Pressure: 29.68 in (Steady) Heat Index: 115 °F

Jan & Chuck 001Monday was travel day for us back to Swan Lake State Park near Carroll. We were happy to join good friends Ron and Edna here at the park. Also, visited mom, checked in with my brother Glen, got our mail, spent time at the farm and had a fun birthday lunch with my cousin, my aunt and a couple of her neighbors at the Santa Maria Winery.  We got to celebrate two 70th, one 60th and and a 50th Birthday! Today we received an e-mail from friends Lonn and Gwen, who we met at Craggy Wash in AZ.  They will be traveling through Iowa at the beginning of September and it will be great to see them again.

This week-end is a BIG one for my family!  My neice’s wedding is on Sat., a gathering for family on Sunday and Monday we will be working at my parents house of 59 years.  We are going through all of the household items and then will put the house up for sale.  Mom is very comfortable at the Swan House and wishes to remain there. 

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