Tuesday, August 31, 2010

OnThe Road Again!!!!!!

Chuck ---  Our Midwest activities are over for the summer and we are once again on the road. Jan’s niece Susie was married to Weston who is a great young man. It was a big event for the town of Templeton, Iowa with a population of 334 very proud residents. With the passing of Jan’s father the next step was to clean their house in Halbur, Iowa (Population 202). We spent several days and divided a lifetime of belongings between the four children. It is an amazing thing to do. It was done with respect and love for the things which meant so much to them. Our “things” which Jan chose, went to our three kids; a few items to hold in memory of their grandparents. The house has been recently sold and one more chapter has been closed. Iowa friends - Yellowsmoke

Our last few days in Iowa were spent in Yellowsmoke Park with some of our best buds. We ate great meals each day. The weather was just perfect to spend hours of “chair time” and make plans for future times together.  

We made one last visit to the Chicago area to be with Eric and Cheri and their children Ryan and Jessica. We also visited Ames, Iowa to be with Brent and Donna and their children Stephen, Katie, Michael, Anne, Libby, and Madeleine. Our time with our families is very precious. We LOVE them very much. We are happy that this lifestyle allows us to spend time with each of them.

Jessica, Cheri and Ryan; Chuck, Jan and Eric

Madeleine, Brent, Stephen, Anne and Katie; Michael, Chuck, Jan, Libby and Donna       Eric’s family is on the left, Brent’s family is above.

It was good to see all of the families and now we are on the way to Seattle to visit with our last Moore family, Josh and Sarah with children Alli, Isaac, Julianna and Lexi. Julianna is the newest, she was born July 23. It will take us several weeks to make the trip, however this year we got a late start and we will have to be aware of the weather in the mountains of the Northwest. We have noticed that the nights here in the Black Hills are very cool and we will find some cold weather on the way. Double rainbow over the Mountain Aire at Heartland RV in Hermosa, SD

The double rainbow, at left, after a brief shower was a nice start to our Black Hills visit. On our exploring days we often pack a lunch and when we find a quiet place we stop and eat. Custer State Park; lunchtime watching pronghorn antelope This is on the prairie at Custer State Park. It is one of our favorite places to watch buffalo and other wildlife. Today the buffalo were not cooperating so we had Pronghorn Antelope for company. Yes, I know they are not true antelope, but that is what I call them.  We visited Wind Cave NP today and in the town of Custer we found flowers and buffalo.

Jan/Custer, SD Chuck & buffalo in downtown Custer, SD

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