Thursday, September 9, 2010

TRYING to do more Boondocking!

Yes, that’s correct; TRYING! After a summer of paying nightly for campgrounds because electricity for A/C was a must, we have been trying to do more boondocking now that we are in cooler weather. Our first night on our trek west was spent at a Cabela’s in Mitchell, SD followed by 4 nights at Heartland RV on our 1/2 price Passport America membership.  030The next night we had planned to boondock near Little Bighorn in Montana but one site was not meant for large rigs and the casino just did not look safe. We stayed for the night at the very nicely manicured 7th Ranch RV Park just down the road. Nice people and a beautiful sunset.

On Saturday we headed for Livingston, Montana to boondock at the Fairgrounds there.  We pulled into a nice area, got permission to park and started leveling and putting out the slides. There were quite a few people and trucks around as there was a high school rodeo being held there and be were thinking that we might go to several of the events. Well, that’s when the fun began….several trucks and stock trailers pulled in right next to us, got their horses out and tied them right along side of us.  We love horses but that was a little too close. We didn’t think we wanted them rubbing on the side of the rig or kicking it, so, in came the slides and we started researching area campgrounds as it was getting late in the afternoon. About that same time I got a FB message and then a phone call from friends Bill and Fran Rayner who were headed our way. We decided on Osen’s RV Park since we knew another couple of Boomer friends were in the Livingston area, also. We had a very fun happy hour & good visit with them. The following morning the four of us were having coffee when friends Laurie Brown and Odel King stopped by. Perfect! What fun we had talking and laughing and 082sharing RV stories.

We did successfully boondock the following two nights at a Cabela’s in Post Falls, Idaho; great location, good shopping at Cabela’s, a Wal-mart right next door and new friends Brad and Cindy who had just returned from Alaska. 

Tonight we really did try to boondock again.  We pulled off exit 34 on I90 and just as Day’s End said there were 8 long spaces marked RV’s only at the side of the steak house.  We pulled in & started to relax. Well, for a short time anyway.  It is a very busy place and soon we were surrounded by semis with motors running. It seems no one pays attention to the ‘RV’s Only’ and with a foot or two between our RV and the semis we decided to move on.  We are now at a lovely forested campground called Norwest RV Park in North Bend, WA.

We have stayed in some of the most beautiful, scenic places in the west without hook-ups and look forward to doing more of that. However, it can be a challenge to boondock in city and interstate areas, even with the resources of Days End. Last year (2009) we enjoyed 240 days without hookups. We have great times boondocking with friends and having the most fantastic scenery at our doorstep. Plus, it’s very easy on the budget!

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