Monday, October 11, 2010

Genealogy Search in Salt Lake City

(Chuck) We are in Salt Lake City . About a month ago we were in Seattle and we were dithering about how to go south. Last year we went down the coast and stopped at Winchester Bay to do some crabbing with the Roving Rods. It was a good time; however the weather was cold and rainy. When it came time to go south this year we went for the sun and that brought us on track with Salt Lake City . We had always known that it was a necessary stop to gather genealogy information; we now know that it will be a regular stop.

Floor B1-International, Family History Library The Family History Library in Salt Lake City houses a collection of over 2.4 million microfilm rolls which include primary records of church birth, death and marriage books. We had the pleasure of looking at a film copy of the actual books from the parish registry in Dinklage, Oldenberg, Munster, Germany and several others. Some of the entries are from the mid 1700’s and all are recorded with quill and ink in the hand of the parish priest. 1500 people visit the library daily. In addition the film the library houses 727,000 microfiche, 356,000 books and many other formats of information. They have available 475 patron computers, 408 film reader, microfiche readers, film and fiche copiers and book scanners.

Records being translated by a member of the very talened and helpful staff The staff is very helpful and very patient with all who come to the library. We were able to locate records and take them to the help desk for interpretation from the original German. We have been to the library four days and I suspect we will be here a little while longer. We are staying at the Elk’s in Bountiful which is 8 miles north of the library. It is a short 15 minute drive. Johan Bernard Risselman Birth 8 27 1826

(Jan) In our October of 2008 Blog, Chuck and I wrote about finding the Probate records for John Bernard Riesselmann filed at the Clayton County Iowa Courthouse.They were filed following his death, December 18, 1860. We knew from family info that he and his family were in Guttenberg, Iowa and we had search for records several times but found little. Today at the Family History Center we found the microfimed church record of his birth and baptism. Johan Bernard Risselman, son of Johan Hinrich Risselman and Catharina Maria Schoenhoefet, was born August 27, 1826 and baptized 2 days later at Saint Catharina’s in  Dinklage, Oldenberg, Germany. He was the sixth of Johan and Catharina’s children and we have found all of his sibling’s birth records. The photo at the right shows the full register page and the photo below is enlarged to show just his birth entry. In the past 4 days we have had one thrill after another as we discover more of our Riesselman, Zumbahlen, Ocken and Schmeiding ancestors. It is unbelievable to be able to view & explore these church records!! Johan Bernard Risselman Birth 8 27 1826 - Copy

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Nancy said...

Oh, I'm doing the genealogy dance right now. So glad that you two are enjoying the search in SLC. It's an adventure to locate those souls that are a part of you. Thanks for sharing. Take care and happy hunting, Nancy

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