Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Manti-La Sal National Forest

Castle Valley NE of Moab(Chuck) Monday was cold and rainy and we decided to do a drive in the area. We left Moab and journeyed north up the Colorado River. Manti-La Sal NFIt was a great trip up the canyon. The vertical rock walls are all various shades of red. During each rain the river is stained deep red from the highly erodible sandstone. About 18 miles upriver we came to a road that went to the right toward a town called Castle Valley. It was a good blacktop road that beckoned us up to another beautiful mountain valley. You have been here before, haven’t you? So instead of turning around at Castle Valley, we followed the road up into the Manti-La Sal National Forest. A road sign appeared that Moab was many miles ahead of us and Jan confirmed with the map that it did indeed circle through the mountains and back to Moab from the south. The road did stay as blacktop, although the mountains section was pretty narrow and held fresh snow. It was a nice little drive and we shared the mountain that day with quite a few elk hunters.Golden Cottonwoods w/Canyonlands cliffs in the background

(Jan)  We’re headed south this morning going into Arizona. Chuck has ordered some exhaust parts from Spartan and we will pick them up in the Phoenix area. It was sad to lease Moab and the National Parks there but it was also getting pretty late in the season to be at that elevation.  There was heavy frost this morning and a thin sheet of ice on our slide toppers.  Time to move on.

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