Friday, October 22, 2010

Rainy Days

005 011

(Jan) Unfortunately, even in the most beautiful places on earth, there are rainy days when it is more comfortable to be indoors. The rain started gently falling last night and looks like it will continue through out the day. So, what’s on the agenda today? Scrubbing the tile floor and working on some genealogy. Last week in SLC we took a morning off from Genealogy research to defrost the fridge and shampoo the carpets, this week it’s time for the tile floor. Want to wipe down all of the woodwork, too. May-be the next rainy day? Our other project involves the MH exhaust system.

(Chuck) The Problem….we had been noticing a slightly louder exhaust the last couple of times we drove the MH so it is time to investigate. To get to the engine, it’s necessary to open the engine access cover in the bedroom; lifting the bed gives room to operate.

018 015
With the engine compartment exposed through the bedroom, Chuck’s going in to check out the exhaust system.

What I found….. A pipe that comes off the turbocharger had cracked due to poor support. The reason was a clamp had loosened and allowed the pipe to vibrate which


cracked it at the turbo and broke the flex tubing on the other end. The temporary repair is to install another clamp on the turbo end, install a band clamp on the flex tubing connection and firm up the supporting mechanism. Monday I will call Spartan and have a new pipe and flex tubing sent.

Chuck fixing the flex tubing and adding another clamp on the turbo end.

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