Monday, October 25, 2010

Saturday at Arches NP

landscape arch (Chuck) The two signature features of Arches National Park are Landscape Arch and Delicate Arch. Saturday was our day to hike the 1.6 mile round trip to Landscape Arch. It is the longest natural arch in the world with a horizontal opening of over 290 feet. landscape archWhen you view the arch it seems hard to imagine that it can actually support itself.  In 1991 and twice in 1995, large pieces of rock weighing several tons fell from this arch. Park rangers say be sure to visit Landscape Arch because the next time you are here it may not still be standing.

We also stopped to see Skyline Arch in the South Devils Garden area. It has a span of 69 feet. In 1940, the size of the arch doubled when a huge rock fell from the opening. This arch is situated next to the campground and I imagine that it is a great memory for all children who stayed in the campground.

skyline arch

Skyline Arch today and as it looked in 1940

Bad weather delayed our hike to Delicate Arch and it will have to wait until another visit. We will return someday, because it takes more than our six days to experience Arches and Canyonlands Park.

rock formations at Arches NP w/La Sal Mt in background

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