Saturday, October 16, 2010

SLC Wrap Up

(Jan) Our stop here in the Salt Lake City area to go to the Family History Library been wonderful. We had planned on staying for 2-3 days but we are now on our eleventh night.  We came hoping to become familiar with doing research at the FHL and ended up being overwhelmingly successful finding family records. We are thankful for the prolific resources that allowed us to find many ancestors and their family groups.  As we wrote in our previous post, we were looking for my great, great grandfather’s birth record and his family. Last night with in the hour before closing, we were directed to a St. Gertrude’s, Lohne, Germany church record that might contain more of the Riesselman ancestors.  I rushed to load the film and miraculously found the nameMarion Wulfert , FHL staff translator and Chuck I was looking for but not quite the right birthdate. Chuck ran to get a copy of it and take it to the translator as I threaded the second spool of film. Almost unbelievably, another Herman Heinrich rolled into view with different parents  and a truer birthdate!  Chuck went to get a copy of that film as translator Marion looked at the first film with me and then the second film.  We believe we found the correct 5th greatgrandfather RiesselmanFHL staff members….at 8:55 P.M., 5 minutes before closing! Thank-you Marion so much for your assistance! She and Chuck had worked together for the past two days as he found records on many of his Grundmeier ancestors. We got to know several of the helpful staff members, here are two more in the picture at right.  We missed getting a picture of Cristel, who translated for us and also, introduced us to a German fellow who lives with in 5 miles of where my ancestors had lived. What a wonderful experience we have had at the Family History Library.

While here in the SLC area, we have been staying at the Bountiful Elks Club right off of I15.  It’s a pretty place even though it is right along a very busy street off of the Interstate. We’re across that busy street from a mile long strip mall that includes a Costco, Lowe’s, many eating places, clothing and book stores.  The large, well lit parking lots have been an excellent place to walk in the evenings. We have been joined here by several other RV’ers and this afternoon at 4:00, we’ll host a Happy Hour.  One couple has just returned from Newfoundland, the other from Yellowstone. We’re looking forward to hearing about their adventures.Bountiful Elks RV SpaceWe’ll be leaving Bountiful tomorrow following Church services in the morning. Last week we attended a dynamic Mass with excellent guitar/drums/piano/singing at St. Catherine’s on the University of Utah Campus and want to go back. From here we will head to the Cabella’s just a short drive away in Lehi, Utah. We want to stop and visit the Kennecott Copper Mine, the world’s largest, near there before heading to the National Parks in southern Utah. We’re trying to decided on Bryce and Zion or Arches and Canyonlands. Any advice? Leave a comment below, please.


jcw3rd said...

If it were me, I'd choose Canyonlands (because we haven't been there yet 8^)).

-- jc&bev

Jim and Bobbie said...

Take your pick as all are phenomenal and great for hiking. IMHO Bryce and Zion are short in distance but tall in profile; Arches and Canyonlands are long in distance and squat...does that make sense? I personally prefer Bryce and Zion, but I'm not a hiker.

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