Saturday, November 27, 2010

Boomer Thanksgiving at Lake Mittry

Food being set up and Turkey being carvedThe Boomer Thanksgiving at Lake Mittry is an annual event. One never knows who or how many will show up but it’s always fun and the food is always good and plentiful. This year 15 rigs showed up and an additional 7 YumanBeings came for the day. We also adopted a a couple who was parked close by and they will be new Boomers soon. It’s been a fun week of reconnecting with friends we hadn’t seen since last season and meeting new ones. Patsy Cook baked 2 turkeys and along with the ham, a tantalizing variety of vegetables and very delicious salads and desserts, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast.

2010 Boomerrs-Thanksgiving at Lake Mittry

Pictured above are; Becky Hazen, Lonnie Hodge, Barry & Vanda Monkman, Jim & Gail McManus, Dean Jan & Chuck Moore, Becky Hazen, Ken & Jo Bloedel, Dee Reed, Nancy Elkin, Bruce Richmond, Steve & Pam RitchieCaldwell, Bea & Ken Marler, Dan & Jenny Sheppard, Tom & Margie Maloney, Dave Katsuk, Nancy Elkins, Ken & Jo Bloedel, Dee & Bruce Richmond, Chuck & Jan Moore, Dick & Carol Schneider, Norval & Kay Dahl, John, Julie & Taylor Black, John & Zoe Macon, Ernie Thomson, Chris Christiansen, Don & Glenda Wicks, Patsy Cook, Pam & Steve Richie, Loren & Kathy Webster. The group has kept busy in many ways, walking, shopping, the Q buffet, getting dental work done in Algodones and, the big thrill for many of us, hiking and geocaching. We’ve done two serious 003geocaching treks; one a long walk and one a hike/climb to check fellow Boomer Ken Pace’s cache across the canal and high up in the hills. Pictured above are Jan & Chuck, Becky Hazan, Ken & Jo Bloedel, Dee Reed, Nancy Elkins, Bruce Richmond and Steve & Pam Ritchie.  Today we headed to a cache at the topChuck along the Gila Canal at Mittry the ‘reflector’ hill. It turned out to be a gorgeous, sunny 70 degree day as the six of us followed a 4-wheel track up to the top. Pictured above is our group; Carole Schneider, Jan, Dee Reed, Chuck, Bruce Richmond and Dean Caldwell. We’re going to do a potato bake tonight at the camp fire. Half of the rigs have left for other destinations so will enjoy the camaraderie of those left. We’ve had a lovely spot to park here at Mittry right along the Gila Main Canal.  When we weren’t out enjoying all of our fellow Boomers, we enjoyed sitting in our little spot of heaven watching the egrets near the canal and the hummingbirds at our feeder. Tomorrow we head back in to the Foothills.

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