Sunday, November 7, 2010

Foothill’s Color


(Jan) The bougainvilleas basking in the sunshine here in the Foothills are a delight to the eye!  Although the above photo does not do them justice, we just wanted to share their beauty. There are many other flowering shrubs and trees; the brilliant yellow one, below, is in Joanne’s neighborhood.006We are enjoying seeing the palm trees and cactus again as we do our daily walks in our neighbor hood.

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002 Yesterday we met Mickey & Karen Bennett and Bill & Kaaren Payne at the Paradise Casino for their prime rib dinner. It was very good to see them again and we sure enjoyed the visiting and laughter; the prime rib was pretty good, too. After church today we stopped by to visit Dan and Jenny Sheppard at their charming casita over on 47th Street before heading home to do a little lawn chair testing with our lot mates Art & Connie Carno-Sauerstrom. Ice Cream with Joanne and a walk after dinner filled out the day.  Good people, good times! 

Tomorrow we are going to have tinting put on on the passenger and driver’s side windows of our Motorhome. It’s a film that will be applied to the inside of the windows. That’s going to be a big improvement as we travel in the sun.

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