Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Full Week

 Ogilby Hills(Jan) We really do get a kick out of hiking and climbing in the Ogilby Hills!  Last time we went to the top we ascended from west and descended going east. This time we chose to climb up the water course from the east directly below the peak.  It was an exhilarating climb and of course, great views at the top. Going down we traveled southwest, followed a steep water course due south and then walked out south east along the main wash. We’d sure be interested to compare routes & notes with others who have done this hike.

 Ogilby Hills
Google Earth Map of Ogilby Hills in the SE corner of California.
 Chuck-Ogily Hills
Half way up!  If you double click on the photo, it will enlarge and you can see our pick-up parked near the wash in the valley below.
Jan-Ogilby Hills
At the top! If you enlarge this photo you can see our MH parked with a white 5th wheel and another MH to the left of Sidewinder Road.
       Chuck & Jan
While at Sidewinder we had a fun afternoon playing Pegs and Jokers with our RV neighbors, made a trip to near-by Algodones, Mexico and ate at the Q Casino on their 2 for 1 Tuesday Buffet where we joined Danny & Jenny Sheppard, Ken & Bea Marley, Mickey & Karen Bennett and Kaaren & Bill Payne. On Wednesday the Q gives $10 free play to their Players Club members so we stopped at the Casino on our way into Yuma to try our luck.  Chuck and I both came out a little ahead playing with their money. Fun!

Sheppards Happy Hour We arrived back on 53rd St. late Wednesday afternoon and are now officially ‘townies’ again until we head to Lake Mittry for Thanksgiving.  Thursday we had a delicious Lasagna dinner with Joanne along with an afternoon of playing cards and catching up on laundry. Yesterday we went over to Sheppards for a Boomer Happy Hour! It’s kind of amazing that there is always a mix of different friends, old and new but it is always a good time! It was great to see many of our friends that we hadn’t seen since last season. Pictured at left are Ken & Sue Pace, Ernie, Chris Christenson, Nancy & Gary Asplund, Patsy Cook, Joel Buchan, Dan Sheppard, me, Gene & Kathy Thaden, Chuck and Jenny Sheppard.

Ref/freezer. Out with the old, in with the newOne things we have been determined to do more of is walk so each morning and evening we get out and do a mile or two. The desert offers such dynamic landscapes but walking in the Foothills is a different kind of beauty; houses, landscaping, different kids of RV’s and casitas to look at along with the surrounding desert mountains. And on Thursday through Sunday there are garage sales!! This morning we came upon just the garage sale we needed. Our basement refrigerator/freezer quit last summer and we found a nearly new Norcold today at a very good price. It didn’t take us long to get back home, grab the pick-up and go back to pick it up. We cleaned it up and Chuck installed it in our lower bay. We’re very happy to have found exactly what we needed.

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Nancy Hurley said...

You guys are really looking good out at Ogilby Hills on your hikes. What a find on the refrigerator for the basement. Good things happen when you are out exercising, I guess.
Take care and say hi to Joanne for us.
Nancy and Jerry

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