Saturday, November 13, 2010

Life on the desert

  002 - Copy(Jan) Stark beauty. Spacious. Quiet. Music of the trains rolling by. Great hiking in the Ogilby Hills and walking on the desert floor.  Good Cell phone and Internet connections. All reasons that we enjoy living out on Sidewinder Rd. in California west of Yuma, AZ. Add some good RV neighbors and it’s just about perfect. We have a good water source close by at Gray’s Well, Yuma is about 17 miles away and Los Algodones, Mexico is 13 miles away.

Today we met some good friends at the Eat Chinese Super Buffet near the Wal-Mart on Pacific Street in Yuma. Catchy name, eh? The food was very good, the selection was excellent. Got to try several things we hadn’t tried before; octopus and dim sum. They had many kinds of sushi, shrimp and seafood plus the usual chicken, pork and beef entrees. After lunch, Kaaren & Bill, Karen & Mickey and Chuck & I headed over to the new AZ Indoor Marketplace. It was all very nice but not a whole lot of what we were looking for. We did stop at Super Fuels, usually the cheapest spot in town to fill up but on our way home we saw diesel fuel for 3.03 at Chevron on Hwy 95 North, five cents cheaper.  Tonight we’re back home again enjoying the quiet and making plans for next week.


Jim and Bobbie said...

So where is this Indoor Marketplace? Is the original Marketplace still in existance?

Chuck and Jan Moore said...

The new Indoor Market is in the former Mervyn's Bldg off of 32nd Street and 4th Ave.We just went to the Outdoor Marketplace once and it was pretty slow although they greatly improved the eating, entertainment area. Don't know if it was just early for the OM, or if they will struggle w/losing biz to the IM. I still like the roominess of the OM.

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