Friday, November 5, 2010

Repaired and Back on the Road

(Jan) Quartzsite, AZ in late October, early November is a mild, 016rather deserted sort of place. No fighting traffic, standing in line or waiting to get your order at a restaurant. But, our friends are not here yet, no Boomerville and  very few of the myriad of vendors that populate Q in December through Febrauary have moved in yet! Our time on Plomosa Road passed peacefully and very productively. We did quite a bit of walking in the desert, did some grilling and sunset watching, cut and trimmed our hair and also got a lot of miscellaneous projects done on the rig. After getting the exhaust pipe in Phoenix that we needed, Chuck got that replaced and we were ready to head off down the road. 

012            Top L-putting in the new pipe.   Top R-the old pipe.    Bottom L-looking down at Chuck under the rig.    Bottom R-MY Hero! Projects done with just a little blood and lots of dirt to wash off!                                              015

We arrived in Yuma on hot, sunny Tuesday afternoon. It has been in the 90’s each day since and we are thankful to be plugged into electricity and the AC is humming away. Friends Art and Connie were here to greet us and we have enjoyed walks and dinners together. We’ve already been to the AZ Marketplace and several of our usual Yuma shopping spots. Last night we headed over to Del Taco with Art and Connie to join Boomers Thadens, Sheppards and Sheppards’ friends. Great to see everyone! Visiting with one of our favorite people travler-satellite-dish[1]has been tops on the list. Chuck’s mom Joanne lives here in the Yuma Foothills and we’re once again enjoying being able to spend some time with her. We had fun garage sailing this morning. Good times!

And our projects on the rig have continued. With this being RV central, it is a great place to get all of the parts needed for repairs; closet door latches, water filters, a fan for the refrigerator, etc. This morning Chuck ordered a Winegard Traveler Satellite TV Antenna. We’re sure looking forward to having that!

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My dad can fix ANYTHING!

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