Thursday, December 30, 2010

42 and Counting

Yuma, AZSt. Augustine's Church(Jan)  Chuck & I got married in 1968 during Chuck’s semester break of his sophomore year at the University of Northern Iowa. I had just graduated from The College of Automation, a computer trade school. It was whole different world back then. My mom made my wedding gown & the bridesmaid dresses, Chuck tux was rented for $12; we had the reception at the local VFW Hall and mom & my aunts made the food. Another aunt made our wedding cake and Chuck’s uncle was our photographer. Three sons, three daughter-in-laws, twelve grandchildren, 6 homes and 42 years later, we feel pretty blessed with this married life. 002Yesterday we went for Brunch at the Ocotillo Room in the Q Casino to celebrate. Our fun day was capped off Skyping with our sons & families.

We’re spending this week at Lake Mittry with the Boomers. We’ve been having Happy Hour each Day at 3:00 and there have been many walks and hikes around the area. The weather was quite warm at Christmas and Chuck took the opportunity to wash our rig. The weather has cooled & become windy since but it’s still been a great place to be with this group of friends. The Sheeleys & Richmonds are parked next to us and we got together one evening to grill steaks & play cards. A couple of nights ago we had the Meads & Pollocks over for Pegs & Jokers. Both were very fun evenings. Tomorrow the group is having a Z Circle for New Years Eve; a RV mixer where several couples host & the rest visit different RVs in rotation & get better acquainted with everyone. We’re looking forward to it!

010 011

At left; Bruce & Dee Richmond, Chuck & Jan, Judy & Dean Sheeley

Above; Gisela & Bill Pollock, Chuck & Jan, Ron & Sharon Mead.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Working w/LiveWriter 2011

Mittry LakeTuesday afternoon five brave souls convened at the Moore’s MH w/computers & air cards ready to take on LiveWriter 2011. Some of us had been blogging with the previous version of LiveWriter; for others in was a new adventure in Blogging. 005LiveWriter is a separate program that makes adding pictures, hyperlinks & video to Blogspot easier. It also is a more convenient method for text & picture placement. Sharon Mead, Dee Richmond, Jan, Bill Pollock & Sue Pace all had an enlighting and fun time!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Holidays

IMG_0223(Jan) Gregg and Sally Schindel came to visit us on Wednesday on their way to San Diego. We had not seen them since July and it was great to visit with them again.  We drove up to Mittry Lake to see where the Boomers will be gathering Christmas, visited with our friends the Sheeleys005 and then enjoyed dinner together back in the Foothills. The following morning they headed on to San Diego and we headed to Mittry Lake after a little trouble shooting on a error code on our refrigerator. The error code indicated that the Power Supply Circuit Board needed to be replaced.  Luckily, Al’s RV had the Circuit board and thankfully Chuck was able to replace it and could get our refrigerator up & cooling again! What a guy!001

The boondocking spot along the Main Canal at Mittry Lake is once more our home. We are in our favorite spot by the canal with the palm tree. Along with all of the fun friends here, watching the egrets, 008road runners & blue herons is keeping us entertained. We were able to snap this shot out of the front window of the MH of two egrets; one posing & one flying away.

Christmas Eve was spent with our favorite Foothills gal, Chuck’s mom Joanne. Following a very cute children’s Nativity Play & Church Services, we enjoyed the Moore tradition of having Oyster Stew. And thanks to Skype we were able to view & talk to our sons Brent’s & Eric’s families in Iowa & Illinois and visit as they opened gifts.  We continued with Spype the following day with our son Josh’s family in Seattle. How very precious to see everyone!  Greatgramma Joanne really enjoyed seeing her grandkids & great grandkids, too!

Christmas Day was Boomer Time at Mittry with temps in the high 70’s and full sunshine all day. Dinner at 3:00 was enjoyed by 21 Boomers and fellow travelers Sheryl & Werner Mollenhoff who are boondocking with us. Pictured below are: Mary & Tom Mosher, Sheryl & Werner, Diane Fisher, Gisela & Bill Pollock, Margie Maloney, Judie St. Croix & Mark Thornton, Laurie Brown & Odel King, Chris Christiansen, Jan & Chuck Moore, Dean Sheeley, Ron Mead, Patsy Cook, Andy Overbay, Judy Sheeley, Sharon Mead and Jim Baker. Missing from photo is Tom Maloney.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas 2010

016_thumb[5][1]Merry Christmas from the Moore’s. It’s been an wonderful year of being with family & friends and traveling. We started the year at the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, California and will end it at Lake Mittry near Yuma, Arizona. In between were travels around Arizona, the drive to Iowa & the midwest where we spend four months with family & Iowa friends, South Dakota & Wyoming, a month in Washington with family and then the trip south through Oregon & Utah. We are now in Arizona near Chuck’s mom & many RV friends.securedownload[1]

2010 has been a year of changes for us! We had to say good-bye to my dad but got to welcome two new granddaughters into our family. Dad passes away peacefully July 25th surrounded by his family. He had been suffering from kidney & heart failure but enjoyed life right up to the end. He is missed! Lexi joined Josh & Sarah’s family in February. She is a charming young lady who is a senior in High School taking mostly college courses. Julianna Kate was born to Josh & Sarah July 23. This dark eyed, dark haired miss is our twelfth grandchild. We have enjoyed visiting each of our three sons & daughter-in-laws & grandkids in Ames, Iowa, Lake in the Hills, Illinois and Lynnwood, Washington.

26August2010_024_thumb[11][1]Madeleine 2, Brent, Michael 9, Stephen 13, C&J, Anne 7, Libby 5, Donna & Katie 11. IMG_0435_thumb[2][1] 064_-_Copy_thumb[5][1]Alison 5, Lexi 18, J&C w/Julianna, Isaac 3, Josh & Sarah above.

Jessica 12, Cheri, Ryan 14, J&C and Eric at left.

018003_thumb[3][1]We knew that when we bought our 5th wheel trailer in 2006 that we would have to look at a better built rig some time in the future. February found us moving into our ‘new to us’  Mountain Aire Motorhome that we purchased in Quartzsite, Arizona. We’re very much at home & very happy in our new space.

036We feel blessed that we have had lots of time to be with our families and friends, old & new this year. Thank you to each & every one of you for your presence in our lives this year. May God bless you in a special way in 2011.  Merry Christmas!  Chuck & Jan

Monday, December 20, 2010


Dec 2010We got Bicycles!  It’s something we’ve been wanting to do for awhile and the Yuma Foothills with it’s wide, smooth streets is definitely a good place to ride. Chuck found an ad on Craig’s List for his & hers bikes, used twice, for a reasonable price. So we went over to take a look at them at a place a couple of blocks away and came home bike owners! We’ve had them out twice and we’re finding new muscles. We think we’re going to enjoy them!

Our schedule is shaping up for the rest of the year. We’re going to be here on the Foothills lot until Wednesday and then will head up to Mittry Lake to boondock with the Boomers for Christmas and New Years. Christmas Eve will find us with Chuck’s mom, Joanne; Church services, cards & games and the traditional oyster stew. Christmas Day & the final week of the year will be at Mittry.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Happy Hour

December 17, 2010(Jan) We host a Boomer Happy Hour each winter when we’re here in the Foothills. This years event coincided with the Foothills Annual Parade of Lights. The Invite was posted on the Yahoo Group’s BBB – Boomer Bulletin Board and 27 fun, energetic friends arrived at our lot.  As usual, everyone brought chairs, drinks & food to share plus many dressed in holiday hats or clothes ready to celebrate & for viewing the evening’s parade. It was a good mix of familiar faces, best buds, four people we’d only met once & three that were brand new friends. December 17We were very happy that several people that hadn’t seen each other for many years & enjoyed visiting again. Here’s this year’s group; Andy Overby, Gene Thaden, Ron & Sharon Mead, Jenny Sheppard, Judy & Dean Sheeley, Chris Christiansen, Jan & Chuck, Karen & Mickey Bennett, Dee & Bruce Richmond, Trish Masters, Kay Seliskar, Bea & Ken Marler, Tom Seliskar, Margie & Tom Maloney, Dan Sheppard, Kathy Thaden, Bill Pollock, Ernie Thomson, G001isela Pollock & Patsy Cook. As evening was setting in, we all rounded up our chairs and walked or drove over to 54th Street and El Camino Del Diablo to view the parade. It was a wonderful eclectic mix of decorated golf carts, pick-ups, sand rails, quads & a few floats. There were Santa’s & reindeer, the Grinch, snow men & angels, lots of lights, live & recorded music and lots of shouts of Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Our group was properly festive with decorated chairs, Santa Hats, light up necklaces & hand held lights. Many in the group strolled up the fantastically decorated 55th ‘Christmas’ Street following the parade. We sure had a fun time! Pictured above right are; Sharon & Ron Mead, Dean Sheeley, Dee Reed Richmond, Chuck & Jan and Judy Sheeley. Above left is our little Christmas tree that we have hanging in the front window of our Motor Home.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Moore December Adventures


Jackie & Butch, Joanne, Chuck & Jan

Playing Slots @ Q Casino


Joanne, Chuck, Butch & Jackie

It’s been another fun week with the Moore family and the five of us have been keeping busy.

  • Putting up sun shades on the east patio
  • Shopping at the Arizona Marketplace
  • Sharing software & pictures
  • Eating Three Cheese Ziti, Babushkas & Oyster Stew
  • Adding safety bars in the Bathroom
  • Going to church together
  • Enjoying Joanne’s Pumpkin & Lemon Pie (& more Cookies)
  • Playing The Whole Enchilada, Dice, and Rummikub
  • Cleaning out spaces & selling things on Craig’s List
  • Solving Crossword Puzzles & Sudoku
  • Going to Garage Sales
  • Making another trip to the Q Casino Buffet 
  • Replacing the flooring in Joanne’s bathroom
  • Trimming the Palm tree
  • Watching gorgeous AZ sunsets together



At Left-Top

Jackie and Chuck making a pattern for the new flooring

At left-Bottom

Chuck & Butch fitting the linoleum


Chuck & Jan

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Moore Family Time

005(Jan) A delicious Thanksgiving Turkey dinner awaited us when we got back in the Foothills last Sunday. Chuck’s sister Jackie and B-I-L Butch had arrived from Seattle and we’ve been having a wonderful time at his mom’s house. As I wrote on my Face Book page…..eating Joanne’s cookies, playing Rummikub, puzzles, walks, Thanksgiving Dinner, going to garage sales, Joanne’s cookies, Rummicub, playing cards, hiking the Ogilby Hills, Soups, Joanne’s cookies, more garage sales, a trip to the Casino, Tamales and more card playing & Rummikub. Multiply all of that by lots of laughter & shared memories and you’ve got a good picture of our week!

Jackie, Butch & Joanne above.
Joanne & Jan

Joanne, Chuck & Jackie at right.
room reservation in London