Thursday, December 30, 2010

42 and Counting

Yuma, AZSt. Augustine's Church(Jan)  Chuck & I got married in 1968 during Chuck’s semester break of his sophomore year at the University of Northern Iowa. I had just graduated from The College of Automation, a computer trade school. It was whole different world back then. My mom made my wedding gown & the bridesmaid dresses, Chuck tux was rented for $12; we had the reception at the local VFW Hall and mom & my aunts made the food. Another aunt made our wedding cake and Chuck’s uncle was our photographer. Three sons, three daughter-in-laws, twelve grandchildren, 6 homes and 42 years later, we feel pretty blessed with this married life. 002Yesterday we went for Brunch at the Ocotillo Room in the Q Casino to celebrate. Our fun day was capped off Skyping with our sons & families.

We’re spending this week at Lake Mittry with the Boomers. We’ve been having Happy Hour each Day at 3:00 and there have been many walks and hikes around the area. The weather was quite warm at Christmas and Chuck took the opportunity to wash our rig. The weather has cooled & become windy since but it’s still been a great place to be with this group of friends. The Sheeleys & Richmonds are parked next to us and we got together one evening to grill steaks & play cards. A couple of nights ago we had the Meads & Pollocks over for Pegs & Jokers. Both were very fun evenings. Tomorrow the group is having a Z Circle for New Years Eve; a RV mixer where several couples host & the rest visit different RVs in rotation & get better acquainted with everyone. We’re looking forward to it!

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At left; Bruce & Dee Richmond, Chuck & Jan, Judy & Dean Sheeley

Above; Gisela & Bill Pollock, Chuck & Jan, Ron & Sharon Mead.

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