Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Holidays

IMG_0223(Jan) Gregg and Sally Schindel came to visit us on Wednesday on their way to San Diego. We had not seen them since July and it was great to visit with them again.  We drove up to Mittry Lake to see where the Boomers will be gathering Christmas, visited with our friends the Sheeleys005 and then enjoyed dinner together back in the Foothills. The following morning they headed on to San Diego and we headed to Mittry Lake after a little trouble shooting on a error code on our refrigerator. The error code indicated that the Power Supply Circuit Board needed to be replaced.  Luckily, Al’s RV had the Circuit board and thankfully Chuck was able to replace it and could get our refrigerator up & cooling again! What a guy!001

The boondocking spot along the Main Canal at Mittry Lake is once more our home. We are in our favorite spot by the canal with the palm tree. Along with all of the fun friends here, watching the egrets, 008road runners & blue herons is keeping us entertained. We were able to snap this shot out of the front window of the MH of two egrets; one posing & one flying away.

Christmas Eve was spent with our favorite Foothills gal, Chuck’s mom Joanne. Following a very cute children’s Nativity Play & Church Services, we enjoyed the Moore tradition of having Oyster Stew. And thanks to Skype we were able to view & talk to our sons Brent’s & Eric’s families in Iowa & Illinois and visit as they opened gifts.  We continued with Spype the following day with our son Josh’s family in Seattle. How very precious to see everyone!  Greatgramma Joanne really enjoyed seeing her grandkids & great grandkids, too!

Christmas Day was Boomer Time at Mittry with temps in the high 70’s and full sunshine all day. Dinner at 3:00 was enjoyed by 21 Boomers and fellow travelers Sheryl & Werner Mollenhoff who are boondocking with us. Pictured below are: Mary & Tom Mosher, Sheryl & Werner, Diane Fisher, Gisela & Bill Pollock, Margie Maloney, Judie St. Croix & Mark Thornton, Laurie Brown & Odel King, Chris Christiansen, Jan & Chuck Moore, Dean Sheeley, Ron Mead, Patsy Cook, Andy Overbay, Judy Sheeley, Sharon Mead and Jim Baker. Missing from photo is Tom Maloney.


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Jim and Bobbie said...

Great photos! Nice to see some of our friends'faces again.

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