Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Moore December Adventures


Jackie & Butch, Joanne, Chuck & Jan

Playing Slots @ Q Casino


Joanne, Chuck, Butch & Jackie

It’s been another fun week with the Moore family and the five of us have been keeping busy.

  • Putting up sun shades on the east patio
  • Shopping at the Arizona Marketplace
  • Sharing software & pictures
  • Eating Three Cheese Ziti, Babushkas & Oyster Stew
  • Adding safety bars in the Bathroom
  • Going to church together
  • Enjoying Joanne’s Pumpkin & Lemon Pie (& more Cookies)
  • Playing The Whole Enchilada, Dice, and Rummikub
  • Cleaning out spaces & selling things on Craig’s List
  • Solving Crossword Puzzles & Sudoku
  • Going to Garage Sales
  • Making another trip to the Q Casino Buffet 
  • Replacing the flooring in Joanne’s bathroom
  • Trimming the Palm tree
  • Watching gorgeous AZ sunsets together



At Left-Top

Jackie and Chuck making a pattern for the new flooring

At left-Bottom

Chuck & Butch fitting the linoleum


Chuck & Jan

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