Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Working w/LiveWriter 2011

Mittry LakeTuesday afternoon five brave souls convened at the Moore’s MH w/computers & air cards ready to take on LiveWriter 2011. Some of us had been blogging with the previous version of LiveWriter; for others in was a new adventure in Blogging. 005LiveWriter is a separate program that makes adding pictures, hyperlinks & video to Blogspot easier. It also is a more convenient method for text & picture placement. Sharon Mead, Dee Richmond, Jan, Bill Pollock & Sue Pace all had an enlighting and fun time!!

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Sally Schindel said...

Catching up on your blog - didn't know you guys got bikes! Yay! We think you will love them; we sure do. Looks like you commented on my blog while I worked. Don't know if you saw my finished result but we have that same cool pic with the tree and halo in it. Magical Christmas! Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Happy New Year! Love, S&G

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