Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Skype is wonderful technology!  It allowed us to ‘be with’ our families on Christmas Eve at Joanne’s house in the Foothills and on Christmas Day here at Lake Mittry.  We got to visit with and see the kids and grandkids open their Christmas gifts.

003Stephen, Michael, Anne, Brent and Maddie with Katie in back and Libby’s arm reaching into the picture. We’re missing Donna, too. 026Eric, Ryan, Jessica and Cheri on Christmas Eve as Ryan opens a gift card. 007Josh with Julianna, Alison and Isaac in their ‘bear’ hats watching Lexi open her gift. We’re missing Sarah in this photo.

034We had a lovely evening after Church services at Joanne’s. The family’s traditional Oyster Stew was replaced with Nachos this year!  And after a lively game of Hand and Foot Express we enjoyed Christmas Brownies with ice cream.

The Boomer Christmas Day at Lake Mittry started off with Pop Overs at Ron & Sharon’s followed by Pegs and Jokers with the Meads, Knapps and Moores. It’s been a lively several day competition with the girls ahead ….. at this point. Our Christmas potluck dinner was delicious!  Here to enjoy the feast were: in front; Frank & Gretchen, Margie, Glenda and Wendy. In back; Ron, Chuck & Jan, Kay, our neighbor Ed, Tom, Sharon, Dick, Russ, Tom, Ina & Pat, Terry, Jane, Darlene and Don. Vince is missing in the photo. Don & Glenda’s solar step-ladder Christmas tree, at right, looks much more like a ladder during the day but is a lovely lighted Christmas Tree by night! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone!050

Friday, December 23, 2011

In and Around Yuma


(Jan) Amazing as it may seem, Chuck and I spent a whole 28 days in one place, on 53rd Street in the Yuma Foothills, before moving out to Lake Mittry this morning.  With great places to bike and walk and Chuck’s mom and friends to visit, the time flew by.  Also, since we were plugged in to electricity, we watched and recorded quite a few television programs and movies.365

On Friday, December 17th we hosted our 3rd Annual Christmas Happy Hour. This year’s weather was wet and windy up until about 3:30 but when friends started arriving at 4:00 it was really quite nice. The weather plus a round of flu passing through town kept some away but we sure had a nice time with friends who came.  Pictured above are-front; Vince, Mary, Gretchen, Nancy and Margie. In Back; Ken & Bea, Frank, Jan, Wendy, Chuck, Tom, Don, Russ & Jane, Ron & Sharon, Chris, Glenda, Jerry, Frazer and Don. After the Happy Hour, our group  had a great time watching the neighborhood’s ‘Parade of Lights’ together.

106 050

At left – Pegs & Jokers with Ron & Sharon, Chuck & I and Jim & Diane. Above – Joanne and Jan playing Hand & Foot.

Chuck completed a couple more projects around the motor home, too. The footrest on my chair was no longer raising so he took it apart, ordered the parts from Villa Furniture and reassembled the chair. 001One of our Day/Night shades in the Bedroom had a frayed cord so that got re-strung, also. Our dining room chairs have been needing new padding so we took them over to Quality Upholstery Shop on Hwy 95 and they did an excellent job of replacing the seat cushions and replacing the original  upholstery. They did them both in one day and we would highly recommend them.

On our way over to pick up our chairs, we came upon this miss-hap. Apparently the driver of this truck and trailer stopped too fast and his load of lettuce shifted. It looked like two full rows of stacked lettuce fell and workers were busy cleaning it up and readjusting the stacks.  021


Yuma is called the ‘Winter Lettuce Capital’ for a very good reason. Many of the acres of irrigated farm ground north of Yuma are planted to many different varieties of lettuce.  To the right are fields of green and red leaf lettuce with a field of red leaf lettuce being harvested in the background.

One of our favorite stops along Highway 95 is this Vegetable Stand.  There’s nothing like fruit and vegetables freshly harvested!

036037 029  

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011 from the Moores

015Our Christmas Greetings arrive to you this year from Arizona where we rang in the year back in January! Our travels took us to 13 states this year. In the spring we journeyed through New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri on our way to visit family and friends in Iowa. A summer trip brought us through Illinois to be more family, into Indiana to seeing fellow traveling friends and into Ohio to see old Army friends. This fall we headed over to South Dakota and Wyoming and then down through Colorado, New Mexico and back to Arizona. It was wonderful to spend time with our family and friends this year. Our sons Brent, Eric and Josh and their beautiful families are thriving and active and our moms, Joanne and Dolores, are both doing well. All are pictured below.

IMG_1138In Back; Eric & Cheri Josh & Sarah w/Julianna. Middle; Ryan, Alison, Isaac Jan & Chuck. In  Front; Jessica and Lexi in July in Illinois. 014In Back; Stephen, Brent, Donna and Katie. In Front; Anne w/ Madeleine, Libby and Michael in May in Iowa. 003 (2)Jan & Chuck riding the George S. Mickelson Bike Trail in the Black Hills while attending a Boomerang (Boomer group gathering) in August in South Dakota
003Chuck & Jan a mountain view south of Payson, Arizona 008
Chuck with his mom, Joanne in Yuma Foothills, Arizona
Jan & DoloresJan with her mom, Dolores in Carroll, Iowa

This year allowed us to have some grand hiking adventures from the Ogilby Hills in California to the Rocky Mountains near Buena Vista, Colorado (picture at the top of the page), to the Mogollon Rim and Devils Chasm in Arizona (below). We enjoyed lots of biking and walking and also, some fun gatherings with Boomer friends. Another high light was getting to attend the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM and crewing with Pirates Treasure and Clown ‘n’ Around.

Above; A group of Boomer friends who came over to help us celebrate Christmas last year.

Below; Chuck & Jan and friends Bruce & Dee on a very challenging but rewarding hike to the Sierra Ancha Cliff Dwellings in Devil’s Chasm near Roosevelt, AZ 022

071037Above and Below; pictures from the Balloon Fiesta.017  

As this year slides into history, we’d like to wish everyone many of Christ’s blessing during this holy season and through out the coming New Year. Merry Christmas and have a great 2012!!           Chuck & Jan

Monday, December 12, 2011

‘Townies’ again

(Jan) For the past five winters Chuck and I have stayed in the Foothills for a week or two at a time in between spending time boondocking in different locations. Since the end of November we’ve staying on 53rd Street and are ‘townies’ again. It’s amazing how many people we’ve met during those five seasons and how many of our friends either own property here now or stay in the area for part of the winter.

One of those couples, Jim & Diane, hosted a Boomer Happy Hour to welcome friends to their new place Thanksgiving week-end.  It was a fun gathering and with 70 degree weather, perfect for visiting outside.


We’ve been doing the usual things these days; biking, walking, spending time with Joanne, playing a game or two of Pegs & Jokers with friends and doing a couple of ‘fix-it’ jobs in the MH. We hope all is well in your world!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Two weeks, Three locations

003We stayed in the Foothills until the 16th and had lot of fun riding our bikes around the area and going to garage sales and visiting Joanne along the way. Other activities were

  • Having a wonderful dinner at Jim and Diane and fun playing Pegs & Jokers.
  • Shopping at the Yuma Outdoor Marketplace
  • Designing and sewing a dash cover for the MotorHome
  • Hemming our cafĂ© curtains for the front window of the MH
  • Fixing a shelf in the bedroom cupboard
  • Shopping at the Yuma Indoor Marketplace

020For four nights we stayed at the Q Casino which positioned us 2 miles from Los Algodones, Mexico where Chuck continued his dental work at the Desert Dental Clinic.  We also

  • Went for walks around the casino grounds
  • Removed the stitches from Jan’s finger & it continues to heal
  • Had dinner at KOFA RV Park at Pam & Steve’s with Bruce & Dee and played Pegs & Jokers
  • Joined Karen & Micky and Kaaren & Bill for the buffet at the Q Casino

Sunday morning we drove to Mittry Lake to join our Boomer Gan016g and celebrate Thanksgiving. Lots of fun was had with the group

  • Going for walks to Betty’s Kitchen
  • Enjoying lively Happy Hours
  • Having girls day chatting and puzzling
  • Going to another dentist appointment for Chuck & Bruce
  • Coffee around the campfire for the guys
  • Playing P&J with Bruce & Dee and Pam & Steve
  • and also with Duane & Betty and Bruce & Dee
  • Hiking and geocaching

My brother Ron and Scarlet came to visit on Wednesday.  We enjoyed lunch at a neat little German Restaurant downtown and then drove out to the Foothills to show them a bit of our winter home. After a stop at a fresh vegetable stand in the agricultural valley north of Yuma, we headed out to Lake Mittry. Visiting, a short hike and joining the Boomer group for Happy Hour made for a very pleasant afternoon. We grilled our dinner, visited some more and then it was time to take them back to their hotel.  What a wonderful, precious time with family. Can’t believe we didn’t get a picture!


126Thursday morning dawned cloudy, windy and warm. Twenty-nine Boomers gathered for a delicious meal of turkey cooked three different ways; on a rotary spit above a wood fire, in a trash can surrounded and topped by charcoal and a turkey oven baked. Nineteen Boomers boondocked at Mittry and ten more drove out from Yuma and joined us for cranberry margaritas and the wonderful turkey meal with all of the trimmings including five kinds of pie. An entertaining day was spent preparing food, drinking margaritas, eating and then visiting.

030Chefs Mark Thornton and Judie St Croix starting the coals for the trash can turkey 049Chuck and Jim in their Hawaiian shirts 120Our RVs along the canal098 
Lake Mittry
128 122Cranberry Margaritas 127Turkey on the rotating spit slowly roasting over the wood fire.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

What a week in Yuma, AZ

(Jan)  We arrived in the Yuma Foothills last Friday. Since then it’s been a steady stream of spending time with Joanne, walking and riding bikes, seeing friends, playing Pegs & Jokers with Ron & Sharon, doing ‘fix-it’ jobs on the rig, visiting with Fran & Bill when they joined us here on the lot for a couple of days and going to Los Algodones for Dental work. 304057

Our trips to Algodones have been to Desert Dental Care for a check–up and cleaning for Jan and several crowns and bridges for Chuck. Dr. Rosario and Dr. Crystal came highly recommended to us and we are very happy with their knowledge, skill and care.

Projects around the house include the work Chuck has done matching the wood and cutting and gluing pieces to finish off the cabinets around the oven. It involved pulling out the oven and disconnecting everything and then replacing & connecting them when he had the woodwork done. It’s a nice job and we love having that completed.

304048_10150381987997973_567857972_8067007_204275042_n[1]A group of Boomers got together Wednesday to go to a movie matinee and dinner afterwards.  This week’s pick was ‘Tower Heist’ and it was a fun movie to go to with a group. At right, clockwise from the bottom, is our group at Five Guys Burgers; Jenny & Dan, Bill & Fran, Sharon & Ron, Gary & Nancy, Jan & Chuck, Pam & Steve and Jim & Diane.

304054Remember the work being done around the stove? When we got in from the movie that evening, Jan headed for the light switch in the dark, tripped over the stove that was waiting to be replaced in the cabinets and fell, cutting her little finger on a sharp metal edge. Two and a half hours and five stitches later things were back on schedule. Luckily we could go to the Prime Care Center on 32nd & 4th Avenue and avoid the emergency room. We’re also grateful that the fairly deep cut did not damage the tendon.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Devil’s Chasm Hike

007(Chuck w/photos & notes by Jan) Sierra Ancha Cliff Dwellings is a series of native American ruins that were built between 1280 and 1350 in an area which is East of present day Lake Roosevelt, AZ. The ruin we hiked to is known as Devil’s Chasm.

In April, 2010, Sheeley’s, Poutney’s and Jan and I were sitting around a fire in Rye and Dean was telling us about ruins in the area. Soon a plan was hatched and Ron, Dean and I set out to find a well hidden ruin on Cherry Creek. Long story, short reveals that this is no casual “hike in the mountains”. This is a difficult and possibly dangerous journey that not all who start are expected to complete. Back in April, 2010 Ron and I left the creek too soon and exhausted ourselves on the side of the mountain. We returned to the waterfall not defeated, but far more experienced.

On this attempt with Bruce & Dee and Jan & I, we researched the site and found GPS coordinates and photos from other people who had made the hike. This was very helpful and provided a good chance for success.

008Above, Bruce & Dee starting out fresh in the woods where we parked our truck. Dee & Jan hiking, center, and ‘the big rock’ that blocks the canyon about half way up at right. 151 014


163The ‘Big Rock’ was about 20 feet high. To get to the top, we crawled/climbed….. 164with the help of a large nylon rope, up the right hand side of the wall…… 023through a small tunnel that opening to the top. From there we continued up the canyon to a high waterfall area.

There are five or six places that require very careful maneuvering along narrow rock ledges which are twenty foot above the rock creek bed. It breaks rules that Jan and I have used on hikes. We have always said that we would not do anything that would jeopardize our RV lifestyle. We broke that rule when we conquered the bad area with very careful and deliberate foot and hand placements up the face of the 20+ foot waterfall. We reminded ourselves that even though we were tired, safety was most important.

170 095The dry waterfall area, at right. The guys hiked across a narrow ledge above the falls because water was flowing down in the spring of 2010. 171This time we were able to climb up and later down the face of the waterfall, finding small cracks and ledges for our feet and hands.

180The “trail” is marked with rock carrions as it follows the canyon. A quarter mile past the point that Ron and I (April 2010) had left the creek and followed a false trail up the canyon wall, we came to the right place where we started a very steep ascent up the side of the canyon. This final climb is in excess of 45 degrees in thick brush and loose rock and dirt. After several hundred yards we were finally greeted with the first view of the ruin. Until this point there was some concern that not all three of us were going to proceed. It was a welcome sight in the sunlight. We made the final push after a brief rest and lunch while clinging along this steep path.

036It was at this point that Bruce and Jan nearly staged a revolt! Chuck’s encouragements of ‘it’s just around the corner’ were falling short. 032Our hearts were racing and we needed to decide if this was the end of our abilities. It was clearly evident that we needed rest and food. 033We found a small shaded spot right on the dirt trail where the three of us could sit to have our lunch without sliding back down the hill.

 186Bruce, Jan and I spent about 20 minutes exploring the ruin and taking photos.


080Entering the ruins. 074Chuck by the front door 196Looking up to the second floor and the overhanging protecting cliff
044A matate or grinding stone left on the floor in one of the rooms by the ancient peoples 055A hand print in the adobe ‘mud’ between the bricks and a door ledge. 045 Looking out a window

057Chuck & Jan at a window on the far side of the ruins that drops off down into the canyon below 050A dividing wall 081Jan & Bruce standing on the ledge right below the ruins ready to tackle our hike/slide down

We rejoined Dee below the Big Rock, and all safely returned to the pickup.

099 220 090

This is trail is only four miles round trip, but it is easily the most difficult one that we have been on. From the start of the trail where we parked the pickup to the ruin there is a 2100 foot elevation gain. Jan and I carried a two liter Camelback and four 20 oz. water containers for a total of 140 ounces and we used all of it.

This journey requires a 28 mile, hour and one half drive on gravel through the mountains. Bruce, Dee, Jan and I set out on the trail at 10:00 and we all returned to the parking area (very tired) six hours later. Devil’s Chasm Ruins was a very satisfying accomplishment for us.


Pictures are by Bruce and Dee Richmond and Chuck & Jan Moore. Click on any imagine to enlarge it.

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