Saturday, January 1, 2011


(Jan) Happy New Year everyone!  We pray that everyone is blessed with much peace & love, health & happiness in 2011. We had an eventful New Years Eve here at Lake Mittry with the Boomers. We joined the group for the traditional Z Circle as one of the host rigs. Z Circle is a traveling Happy Hour with several couples (5 this year) hosting and the rest of the couples rotating to each host. At each host rig there is a different combination of people so everyone has a chance to get to know others in the Boomer group. We had 19 couple participate last night. After Z Circle we all headed out to the Fire to await the New Year with Hat, Horns, Baileys & Champagne. A good time was had by all!! Because today is quite cool part of the group in going into town to have dinner at Golden Corral & part of the group is staying here to have a trash-can-turkey and ham potluck. It’s cool but sunny, with little wind so Chuck & I will dress in jackets & earmuffs and stay here for the potluck.  The following were the couple that came to visit at our house last night.


In Back; Jim Fisher-Baker, Tom Mosher & Sam Kidd.  In Front; Mary Mosher, Diane Fisher-Baker,

Chuck and Jan & Carolyn Kidd.


In Back; Jan, Leon and Janet Mayou.  In Front; Jerry and Carol Miller, Chuck & Sharon and Ron Mead.


In Back Jan & Margie Maloney.  In Front; Tom Maloney, Dean and Judy Sheeley, Chuck & Laurie and Odel Brown-King.


Dean and Judy Sheeley said...

Great pictures from last night. And I loved your wedding picture - it looks just like the two of you.

Nancy said...

Enjoyed catching up with all the happenings out in Yuma. You two are such good hosts. Nice to see some familiar faces out there. The post about your 42 years was especially fun to read. Thanks for sharing. Take care,
Nancy and Jerry

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