Friday, January 21, 2011

Boomerville–Week 1

011 001
009This is our fourth year at Boomerville, the Escapee Boomer’s Annual Gathering at Quartzsite. We arrived early and were the 5th to arrive; one week later there are 83 rigs. This year we don’t have a designated Host but we have many individuals stepping forward to make this a really great year. Steve and Pam Ritchie, pictured with the group at left, are handling the Happy Hour Announcements, Clark Messick brought the sound system, Bob and Gretchen Mattison have the tent for the white board, activity calendar, recycling center & free station, Ken & Sue Pace are hosting Movie nights for any who want to share their trip pictures and Chuck & Don Wicks are managing the twice weekly garbage runs. Beth Miller and Judy Sheeley hosted a breakfast brunch, Sue Pace hosted a dinner potluck and Bob and Gretchen are feeding us pancakes every 3 days. There are daily walks & hikes, a 4 x 4 drive through the back country, a women’s discussion group and a men’s donut run, a Kindle clinic, a fire extinguisher demo, a smart phone exploratory and many more group activities to come.

Jenny Sheppard, Dee Richmond, Beth Myers, Ann Meilike, Geisla Pollock, Jan & Connie Farquhar010 at Happy Hour.

Gregg Schindel, Odel King, Dean Sheeley & Mick Meilike at Happy Hour.

Chuck at the Activities tent005.

John & Julie Black, Jan and Kathy Webster012

Along with all of that we’ve had wonderful times visiting with friends and neighbors. When there were just a few of us here the first several days we had fun Happy Hours with the Harrisons, Sheeleys & Meilikes. Friday we had lunch in town w/Bryan & Susan Lavender. We’ve ordered  Magne Shades for our MH from Ken & Mary Ann Watson, played pegs & jokers and dinner w/Blacks & Websters and delicious turkey dinner this evening at Dick & Beth Millers w/Sheeleys, Schindels and Bob Emch. So far ‘movie night’ has featured pictures presentations of power parachuting over Oregon & Utah by Tom Doerr, Australia by Dean & Judy Sheeley and Burning Man by Ken & Sue Pace.The weather has been pretty nice; mostly sunny, little wind and 70’s & 80’s during the day. This is a stark contrast to the past 2 years of chilly, windy, rainy weather!

Dick Miller, Gregg Schindel, Dean Sheeley, Chuck and Ted Reynolds at dusk with the full moon in the background.

Linda Reynolds, Sally Schindel, Judy Sheeley, Jan and Beth Miller.


Jim and Bobbie said...

Not having a primary host for all of Boomerville may be the way to go. The way you are doing it this year sounds like it is working well and giving a lot of folks a chance to volunteer without being overwhelmed with too much responsibility. Great idea for the future.

Dean and Judy Sheeley said...

Loved all the pictures.

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